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2012: Our Speaker


From 10th to 12th of October 2014 the 2nd International Conference of the Association for Promoting Healthy Human Autonomy (VFGAM e.V.) is taking place in Munich.

The key subjects will be:
Healthy Relationships -
What are they, how can they be achieved and how can the “Constellation of the Intention” support the development of Healthy Relationships.

For our “Healthy relationships” conference we are looking for speakers who want to participate by leading a 90 min constellation workshop.

Suggestions for workshops can now be submitted. They should focus on how “healthy relationships” in various contexts (e.g. parent-child, couples, siblings, family, work, politics, consulting, therapy etc.) can benefit from the “Constellation of the Intention”, and how people can use this method to foster more healthy relationships.

The suggestions should contain:
-    Title of the workshop
-    Description of the content (about 15 lines)
-    Information about applicant
-    Website of applicant (if available)

The suggestions can be sent to the following email address until the 01th of October 2013:

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The selection will be made by a five-member workgroup of the Association.

We look forward to your ideas and suggestions!

Birgit Assel, Kerstin Kirschniok

Trauma and multiple identities

To split the psyche is a way of surviving trauma. Those splits cannot be healed without therapeutic support. The most extreme form of splitting can be diagnosed as "Multiple Identity Disorder". Extreme forms of violence such as torture and ritual sexual abuse are the main causes. People who suffer from Multiple Identity Disorder can no longer experience themselves as one person; they are many, and each of the different personalties lives a life of its own.

There is the host which tries its best to manage life, having no explanation for the time lapses that regularly occur,or for being at places without knowing how she got there, or for meeting people she doesn't know but seems to know. One can easily imagine how confusing this is for the person herself and for her partners, children and friends.

The therapeutic approach of "constellation of the intention" enables clients to come into contact with their different identities, to understand them better and see their relationship with the host. Integrating the split off identities then becomes a possible intention.


Birgit AsselBirgit Assel, born 1960, is married, with two children
Diploma Social Pedagogy, since 1998 she ahs had her own institut and since 2007 has based her work on Franz Ruppert's Multigenerational Psychotraumatology,  trauma constellations and the recently developed "constellation of the intention".

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Tel. 0049 (0)5182 908 555



Kerstin Kirschniok, born 1964.Kerstin Kirschniok
Having experienced many different therapeutical approaches during her lifetime she came into contact with traumaconstellations in 2008, beginning a training in 2009 with Birgit Assel and having now her own private consulting practice in Hildesheim since 2010.

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Tel. 0049 (0)5064/ 268 40 28
Mobil 0049 (0) 171 46 70 282

Dr. Harald Banzhaf

Fatigue Syndrome and Symbiotic TraumaDr. Harald Banzhaf

Due to psycho-neuro immunological knowledge chronic stress and its consequences such as chronic fatigue syndrome, burnout and depression, are related to profound physical impairments. These are the so-called multi-system diseases, that include the suffering of the body, the mind and the psyche. Purely symptom-oriented therapeutic measures therefore do not usually have lasting effects, and may even contribute to the illness becoming chronic.

Working with constellations based on bonding and trauma theory allows us more clearly to see the causes of such insidious chronic fatigue,which can then be processed step by step in a multi-modal treatment plan. Patients may then develop in the direction of health and personal autonomy.

Dr. med. Harald Banzhaf
Specialist in general medicine, environmental medicine, natural healing, acupuncture, sports medicine, social medicine, occupational medicine and emergency medicine,
Since 1996 he has run a practice of integrative medicine with a specific focus on Mind/Body-Medicine,
Academic medical-practice, University of Tübingen,
2008 Foundation of the Academy of Mindfulness,
2011 training in constellations work on the basis of bonding and trauma theory with Prof. Ruppert in Munich.

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Tel. 0049 (0)7476 91234

Detlev Blechner

Coaching and Trauma

Detlev Blechner

Coaching is regarded as a modern method for strengthening people's potentials. Used to optimize the personality, coaching supports people physically, psychologically and helps them to improve their social integration. Systemic coaching promotes social competency, and is regarded as a "must for executives".

For some people coaching however can mean that certain methods and trainings actually exacerbate their psychological splits. This splits, the result of trauma, are often the cause of what is seen as weakness, and under such circumstances can become even more serious. The result could be increased splitting, sometimes provoking a complete breakdown. This could lead to an increasingly self-destructive cycle.

Using the constellation of the intention clearly shows the deficiencies of classical coaching and allows the person's desire for healthy autonomy and constructive symbiosis come to the fore.

Constellations based on a multigenerational psychotraumatology are a way of reaching the real cause of work and everyday life conflicts. Ultimately, this is a way of being more in contact with ourselves. In my workshop participants will find opportunities to do a constellation dealing with their professional life.

Detlev Blechner, born 1960, father of a daughter,
certified social scientist, working for 25 years as an organizational developer and psychological coach on support for working life, lecturer in Universities, Colleges and Training Institutes,
Office and practice in Hannover Organizational consulting-Projektmanagement-Coaching (OPC-Blechner).

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Tel. 0049 (0)511 210 95 50

Alexander und Doris Brombach

The silent cry - Trauma, Sound and Voice

Our voice is very important when coming into contact with others. Our vocalisations are immediate expressions of our emotions.

Traumatic experiences can change our voice completely; we can loose our true voice. Our tone can vanish in the trauma feelings and loose its colour and fullness. In certain situations of our every day life our voice even can faile totally.

The first step towards an open voice therefore is to face the mute cry of one's trauma feelings. Thereby the tone, which became stuck within the traumatic experience of the past, can merge again with the true voice. The right to speak can come back to us.

During the workshop there will be room for constellations dealing with the traumatised and the true voice.

Doris Brombach, born 1950, married to Alexander, 3 children and 8 grandchildren from 1st marriage
since 2002 the focus of my work is on the Multigenerational Psychotraumatologie according to Prof. Franz Ruppert and the "constellation of the Intention"
three years of training in "true voice" by Mark Fox
since 2008 specialised in prenatal trauma

Alexander Brombach, born 1954, married to Doris
Non-medical Practitioner for psychotherapy
same working foci and trainings as Doris
together we offer seminars, workshops, individual therapy, constellations trainings and supervision

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Tel. 0049 (0)2207 706 468

Vivian Broughton

Trauma Constellations in the indiviual session

Vivian BrougthonSince 2000 I have made an intensive study of working with the constellations method in the private individual session, including writing a book entitled In the Presence of Many published in 2010, which made a particular focus of the topic. Since engaging with Franz Ruppert's work from 2005, I have developed further ideas about working with trauma and bonding, particularly in the one to one session.

As trauma is essentially an event that renders the person completely helpless and overwhelmed by the forces at work, it is about power and powerlessness. Our facilitation style and approach then must come under particular scrutiny. Working with trauma requires us to pay particular attention to our own state of being, how we relate and interact with the client, and this applies as much to the individual session as to group work.

What does it mean to work phenomenologically in the one-to-one session, to describe rather than interpret? How do we respect the autonomy of the client? How do we stay sensitive to the symbiosis of our relationship with the client without splitting and getting entangled in their symbiotic trauma, and perhaps our own? How do we stay in touch with that delicate interface between what is possible right now and what is not? How do we manage our role as representative and facilitator in light of these issues?

In this workshop I will share my thoughts and ideas, and demonstrate the work of constellation based on Franz's trauma- and bonding theory.

Vivian Broughton
has been working with constellations since 2000, and has been a Gestalt psychotherapist in private practice since 1989. From 2000 to 2010 she has organised a training in Systemic Family Constellations in the UK . She has worked with many of the foremost Constellations practicioners in the field, most prominently over 5 years with Albrecht Mahr. Her subsequent intense study of Ruppert's work since 2005 has resulted in her adoption of his theories and method in her work. In 2012 she is organising and teaching the first English Language Training in Constellations based on Franz Ruppert's work, which will take place in Europe.

Tel. 0044 (0)117 923 2797

Karla Domning

Constellations with clients in a psychosomatic hospitalKarla Domning

It is a big challenge to work with trauma constellations in a clinic for psychomatic illnesses with a holistic approach. The participants of the constellation groups vary a lot in their specific psychological diagnoses, their age and their prior experience with psychotherapy. Finding an intention for their constellation and using another person as a representative for it helps the clients to have their inner processes before their eyes. They can immediately see what is true, and what can show up in that moment. The members in the group are involved in what is going on in the constellation, and they are very often touched and enriched by the work of their fellow members.

In this conference workshop I will share my experiences with this type of constellations, what Franz Ruppert calls the "constellation of the intention" in our clinical setting. I will reflect on how constellations work and other types of therapy fit together in the Clinic Lahnstein, my workplace as a psychologist, and were I am working with other facilitators.

Karla Domning, born 1957.
Diploma in Psychology and Pastor.
Trainings in Psychodrama, Counceling, Meditation, Family Constellations (Bert Hellinger) and Trauma Constellations (Franz Ruppert).

Heribert Döring-Meijer

Heribert Döring-MeijerTrauma-Constellations and working with resources

"Trauma" is manifold and complex in its appearances. We understand Trauma more and more within its systemic background. Trauma is very often not recognised dealing with clients suffering from psychosomatic illnesses and addictions.

Constellations work helps to make unconscious processes visible. If we combine the constellation method with other methods that use imagination, our clients can be supported to access their trauma and to their resources to deal with it.


 Heribert Döring-Meijer
Supervisor (DGSv), Trainer (EAS), Mediator.
Qualified Psychotherapist for children and young people.
Training in Family Therapy and Hypnotherapie (Gunther Schmidt).
Chairman of the Association for Systemic Constellators in Baden Württemberg

Tel. 0049 (0)721 618 4143

Christina Freund

Why do children become hyeractive? 

Christina Freund

Hyperactivity is one of the most common behavioral disorders in children and adolescents. It points to a complex disturbance on a physical, emotional and psychological level. Medication can only tranquilize the affected children for a short time by suppressing the symptoms. However, since the root cause of the symptoms is not addressed, medication cannot ultimately calm the children down.

The concept of symbiotic trauma establishes a new understanding of the root causes of hyperactivity. It shows that children are "disturbed" by the unresolved trauma of their parents. The physical and/or emotional absence of the parents causes a fear of death in the child. In his need for contact the child entangles himself deeper and deeper, especially with the mother's trauma feelings. In turn the mother gets in touch with her own split off trauma feelings when facing the hyperactive symptoms in her child. She now tries to control these feelings in her child as a substitute which leads to a hopeless fight between mother and child.

In the workshop I will facilitate constellation processes to illustrate how this method can clarify the causes of hyperactivity in children. I will show how the vicious circle of trauma-stress-trauma-stress can be stopped.

Christina Freund
Social worker, Study of German Literature and History
2006-2008 training with Dr. Lutz Besser, his psycho-traumatology and traumatherapy
since 2008 training with Prof. Franz Ruppert, his mutligenerational psychotraumatology and his way of facilitating constellations

Tel. 0049 (0)170 1938319

Workshop-results: Christina Freund

Evelyn Hähnel

Evelyn Hähnel

Trauma and psychosomatic symptoms

Symptoms of physical illnesses are often our most faithful companions, and in many cases they are the consequences of trauma. If we recognize and understand these physical illnesses to be the result of psychological splitting and symbiotic entanglement, they become accessible to change. To reach this point however, it is first necessary to get in touch with our own healthy structures, then it becomes possible to treat ourselves with more love and compassion, to be gentle with ourselves. When we realize how much of our inner resources are tied up with these traumatized parts, we can then put this energy to better use.

During the workshop it will be possible to do trauma constellations.

Evelyn Hähnel
Chinese Body work and systemic psychotherapy
Yoga classes and nutritional advice
Seminars with trauma constellations (Prof. Franz Ruppert)

Tel. 0049 (0)89 571775

Gabriele Hoppe

Symbiotic Trauma and Burnout
Children develop a close bond with their mother right from the moment of conception. Given the right environment, children can develop their individuality as they grow and strike the right balance between autonomy and being accepted.
A child’s longing for love, security and recognition does not stop, however, even when the connection to mother is impaired as a result of traumatic events. Once a child is subject to trauma, a survival bias dominates its need for parental love, causing behavioural changes that make the child react differently. These behavioural changes create a dynamic whereby the child orientates itself by the requirements of other people rather than its own self needs. The child loses the balance between autonomy and acceptance, becomes disoriented and exhausted.
In this workshop we will explore the question of how one can succeed in getting out of the hamster's wheel of fruitless efforts to find love and acceptance using the work with constellations on the base of the bonding and trauma theory  developed by Prof. Franz Ruppert.
Gabriele Hoppe
Diploma in business management, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (HPG)
Experiences in human resources management (executive advisory, personnel development, coaching)
and clinical psychosomatics
Education in work with constellations on the base of bonding and trauma theory developed by Prof. Ruppert.

Tel. 0049 (0) 6094-9897798

Clare Kavanagh

Clare Kavanagh

Trauma and the Therapist: The art of the possible

As facilitators and therapists we are frequently in contact with traumatised and potentially traumatising fields. Whilst we know and understand more about the processes and effects of trauma on the human psyche, body and soul and on systems, do we know and attend to how working with traumata affects us as facilitator and therapist? How does vicarious traumatisation affect our relationships: with our self, our colleagues and with our ‘clients’? How effective are we at recognising our own, some would say, inevitable vicarious traumatisation? And what are the implications for our health and well-being?
Since 1994, when I began learning Constellations with Bert Hellinger, Hunter Beaumont and other international trainers and from 2005 learning with Franz Ruppert, I have rarely seen attention paid to the effects of this work on the facilitator. Yet, as therapists, we know our awareness of and attunement to the processes of counter-transference (the therapist’s response to the client) and vicarious traumatisation (the therapist’s response to the stories of trauma told by clients)
will inform our therapeutic interventions, enrich our work and protect ourselves and our clients.
As a facilitator and supervisor, these are some of the questions I am currently engaged with.
So I invite you to join me in exploring, for the facilitator, the potential consequences
of facilitating trauma and bonding constellations and how we attend to our own well-being.

Clare Kavanagh
I am a psychotherapist, in private practice, currently working in the UK and Croatia.
I bring to my facilitation my experience and training in various humanistic therapies
(Gestalt, Body Psychotherapy, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy,
Constellations) as well as my interest in and study of attachment theory, neuroscience,
psychoneuroimmunology and meditation.
I am also a keen dancer, artist, musician and gardener.

Tel. 0044 07704 098122

Patrizia Manukian

What's behind desease symptoms?patrizia_manukian

Food intolerance, headache, back pain or serious illnesses – there’s a wealth of  health problems, and it is often difficult to find an effective cure. Sometimes it gets better for a while, but then the symtoms come back, eiter in the same way or slightly changed. So what is it that prevents us to fully recover?
Our body is not just made up of chemistry and physics or cells and organs. It is also regulated by emotions. Our emotional life accounts to a large extent for how our body feels. If we take a closer look at our symptoms, we usually discover emotions behind them which we were not aware of. Symptoms often represent traumatic life experiences which were suppressed from our conscious knowing. However, our body memory still remembers them.
Every desease symptom has an emotional source from which it is nourished. In order to feel better physically and to come in good contact with our body again, it is firstly necessary to get in contact with this emotional source of the symptom.
In my workshop I will facilitate a constallation to discover the root cause
of desease symptoms.

Patrizia Manukian, born in 1967.
non-medical practitioner, kinesiologist, craniosacral therapist,
facilitator for trauma constellations and constellations of the intention,
2001-2002 training in family constellations (Jutta ten Herkel, Silvia Miclavez),
2010-2011 training in multigenerational psycho-traumatology (Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert),
Facilitator of the seminars and lectures held by Franz Ruppert in Italy

Tel. 0039 348 7164477

Susanne Mautner

Susanne Mautner

Trauma and the body

Traumatic experiences leave their traces in the human body as well as in the psyche. Formulating the intention for a constellation activates the trauma in the body as shown in symptoms such as pressure in the chest, trembling of limbs, headaches or numbness. These symptoms point to the original trauma experiences and help to clear them emotionally and cognitively step by step.

In our workshop at the 2012 Munich conference we will share our experiences with trauma and body work and offer the opportunity to set up a trauma constellation. We hope to meet you there.

Susanne Mautner, born 1965
Diploma as a Life Consultant, trained constellation facilitator (Karin Graf, Matthias Varga von Kibed, Ilse Kutschera, Johannes B. Schmidt, Franz Ruppert), familylab trainer, bodywork with elements of massages, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, Cranio-sacral therapy and energy work
Susanne works with groups and individuals in her practice in Vienna

Tel. 0043 (0)664 915 2424

Radim Ress

Integrative Traumatherapy Radim Ress

The consequences of trauma are very complex, therefore a complex approach in trauma therapy is necessary. During the last decade some new and powerful therapy methods have been developed such as EMDR (Francine Shapiro), Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) or Eye Movement Integration.

In the symptoms of our body, trauma feelings such as frozen pain, fear, anger and powerlessness are stuck. As Wilhem Reich stated, this leads to somatisation and armoring the muscles. By touching the body, traumata can easily be triggered at anytime. Therefore neo-Reichian Bodywork is still up-to-date.

The constellations work of Prof. Franz Ruppert creates a framework for a trans-generational trauma therapy. Traumas and entanglements become visible within an external space, reflected to the client by the representatives. So the client can understand his inner structure.

The approach in my therapeutic work is to use the different methods I have mentioned above to help the client understand his trauma better and reintegrate body and psyche step by step.

Radim Ress, born 1969.
Lives in Prague and works as a therapist individually and in groups,
trained in NLP (Johannes Zeilhoffer), Eye Movement Integration (Woltemade Hartman), Neoreichianian Bodywork (John Hawken), Voice Dialogue (Artho Wittemann),
12 years of practice as a facilitator of constellations, since 2006 following the approach of Prof. Franz Ruppert and organizing his seminars and lectures in Prague as well as translating his books into Czech.

Tel. 0042 (0)607 590 533

Thomas Röll

Dr. Thomas Röll

Dental problems with a background of trauma

In daily practice purely dental treatments of oro-dental and mandible-maxillary problems in isolation are often insufficient for a complete cure of such disorders. Suppressed memories of trauma may result in a multitude of dental symptoms and signs.

In many cases these symptoms and signs reflect the psyche's painful efforts to suppress memories of the original trauma. The constellations method is an effective technique for identifying and treating these connections between the actual physical disorder and the accompanying and underlying psychological conflicts. These techniques render physical symptoms and signs superfluous. A fully integrated approach to dental treatment can thus be much more effective and satisfying for the patient.

In the workhop I will facilitate constellations dealing with dental symptoms.

Thomas R. Röll
Holistic Dental Specialist, practising in Ulm since 1990.
Provider of lectures, seminars and workshops "Holistic Dental Medicine" since 1996.
Private pratice of coaching and systemic counselling since 2008.
Education and supervision training in Multigenerational Psychotraumatology by Prof. Franz Ruppert since 2009.

Tel. 0049 (0)731 7157496

Workshop results: Thomas Röll

Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert

Lectures and workshop for allFranz-Ruppert

participants of the conference

During the three day of the conference I will present the key concepts of the multigenerational psycho-traumatology I have developed over the last 15 years.

The first lecture is about the latest central term of my theory: the Symbiotic Trauma and its consequences especially the symbiotic entanglement.

The second lecture will be about the development of the constellations work starting with family constellation and moving on towards trauma constellations, and now the constellation of the intention.

The third lecture focuses on the perpetrator-victim-dynamic that is of great importance in many psychotherapeutic processes and has of course do be understood when working with the constellations method.

In a workshop on Friday afternoon I will demonstrate the latest developments of my work with constellations on the basis of bonding and trauma.

Franz Ruppert, Prof. Dr., born 1957
Professor for Psychology at the University of Applied Sciences/Katholische Stiftungsfachhochschule in Munich.
Psychotherapist, since 1994 engaged with the development of the Multigenerational Psycho-traumatology as a basic theory for his work with constellations.
Founder of trauma constellations and the constellation of the intention.
He offers training and supervision, workshops and seminars worldwide.
Author of five books about his work with constellations translated into English, Dutch, Russian, Czechi, italian, Turkish, Spanish and Norwegian.

Tel. 0049 (0)89 43651473

Lectures of the Conference

Presentation "The Symbiotic Trauma" (pdf-file)

Presentation "Constellations - theory, method or technique" (pdf-file)

Presentation "Perpetrator-Victim-Split" (pdf-file)

Martina Rückel-Schmidt

Martina Rückel-SchmidtTrauma Constellations
within the professional context

Human beings are eager to show their talents and abilities. This desire leads them in their private life as well as in their occupational decisions. I see that experiences with trauma have a great influence on career aspirations and the choices people make in their professional life. In many cases the survival ego states decide which kind of job seems interesting, and many people may easily become involved with traumatising business environments, and stay there despite of all the difficulties they face. As a consequence there is a variety of entangled interactions and surviving strategies that make professional life difficult for the person and the professional context.

Clarity about one's healthy, traumatised and survival ego states can lead to  healthy business relationships and more effective solutions for conflicts within business.

During the workshop I will show how trauma constellations work successfully within the business context. I will offer short exercises and constellations work.

Martina Rückel-Schmidt, born 1967, married with 2 children of her own and one child from second marriage.
Diploma in business management, non medical practitioner.
13 years of work in the Human Resources Department of an international IT-Company,
since 2002 ongoing education with Prof. Ruppert,
since 2003 workshops and coaching within companies to improve teamwork and healthy work conditions.

Tel. 0049 (0) 8291 9582

Workshop-results: Martina Rueckel

Corinna Schürmann

corinna_schuermannTraumaconstellations with children and juveniles
– opportunities and limits

Children and juveniles are mostly stronger integrated in their familiesystems then adults. They are in a real or subjectiv felt relationship of dependence to their parents depending on their age.
Children and juveniles, who are taken care of by the youthcare system, have to deal with an outside analytic view on their families and also have to develope their own critical opinion. In addition to their distraught situation they have to solve this specially tasks of development.

If social workers know about the theory of trauma- and psychological-splits developed by Franz Ruppert and are able to reflect the different personality structures of the young people, based on that modell, it can help the social worker to deal better with the processes of the young people.

In my workshop I want to describe and discuss how the constellation of the intention could be used in the work with children and juveniles and how results from the method of constellations on the basis of bonding and trauma by Franz Ruppert can be helpful in this kind of work. All based on my theoretical considerations and experiences in a residential youthcare unit.

Corinna Schürmann, born 1983
Diploma in Education, special education teacher for children with mental or physical handicaps, Mediator guideline BM, since 2010 participation on further education in multigenerational psycho-traumatology and the ‘constellation of the intention’ developed by Franz Ruppert, offered by Birgit Assel.

Currently working as a social worker in a residential youthcare unit in Hamburg.

Tel: 0049 (0)170 8468766

Manuela Specht

"Feelings are there from the beginning!"
-prenatal traumata

Manuela Specht

To prevent physical and psychological illnesses and mental diseases we should start with their origins. From the moment of conception the body memory of the unborn child stores all prenatal experiences. What is outside the mother's womb and all the traumatic experiences the mother has suffered influence the emotional development of the child. Bonding disorders develop before birth. Therefore this phase of our life is of huge importance.

Trauma constellations can help us gain access to our life before birth and help us understand that anxieties, depression and illnesses can result from prenatal trauma. This gives us a chance to recover from prenatal trauma.

Manuela Specht
Qualifed nurse, psychological consultant.
Trained in Voice Dialogue and Multigenerational Psychotraumatology (Franz Ruppert),
she offers constellation seminars in Bad Tölz.

0049 (0)8041 7953781

Andrea Stoffers

Trauma and sexual abuse

Andrea Stoffers

People suffering from sexual abuse very often can't remember what has happened. They only have vague feelings that something could have happened. Normally children are threatened by the perpetrators so that they do not talk about the abuse, and they carry feelings of guilt and shame within them. Before the sexual abuse most of them will already have suffered from a symbiotic trauma, so they were already split when the abuse happened.

Talking therapies do not really help. Constellations can support such people to realize the truth of the sexual abuse and to reconnect step by step with reality.

Clients then feel understood and seen, they can gain confidence towards themselves and integrate the split parts of their psyche.
Constellation groups are very helpfull in finding support not only from the therapist but also from the representatives and other group members.

Andrea Stoffers, born 1963.
Since 2007 HP Psychotherapy in her own practice in Neuss

Therapeutische Praxis, Seminare, Weiterbildungen, therapeutische Begleitung

Tel. 0049 (0)2131 939 63 68

Dagmar Strauss

Can the father substitute for the mother?Dagmar Strauss

Even in the womb a very intense bonding process is going on between the mother and her child. After birth this bonding continues. The healthy mother is sensitive enough to give her child the physical contact, love, safety and holding that is needed. She can fulfil all symbiotic needs of her child.

What will then happen if the mother is not available for the child, if she is absent physically or emotionally?

Can a father be a substitute for the child's bonding needs towards his mother? What is the special quality of the child's attachment with his father? What are the risks of symbiotic entanglement between father and child, when there is a symbiotic trauma for the child because the mother is not available?

In this workshop we will discuss questions like this and offer an opportunity to do constellations on the background of bonding and trauma.

Dagmar Strauss, born 1962, married, three adult sons.
Homeopath working since 1991 in private practice,
2005-2006 training in family constellations,
2009-2012 training in Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine),
since 2010 training in Franz Ruppert's theory and practice in groups and regularly assisting in his private practice.

Tel. 0049 (0)8752 869074

Marta Thorsheim

Trauma and birth

Martha ThorsheimOver the centuries the circumstances around the birth process has changed; with enormous consequences for the mother and the babies. When the baby is ready to leave the mother's womb, the mother's body starts to prepare to give birth. This workshop is an attempt to understand which possible effects and traumata it might cause when the natural birth process is interrupted, by nature or by medical intervention. The possible impact of birth trauma across generations will be discussed.

Marta Thorsheim
is a Psychotherapist in private practice in Oslo, Norway, since 1991. After meeting the constellations method as developed by Bert Hellinger in the late nineties, she first copied the method from him and other prominent constellators. Over the years she has combined what she then learned then with her own knowledge as a psychotherapist, her practice in facilitating constellations and her studies with Professor Franz Ruppert.

Tel. 0047 (0)916 67 211

Margriet Wentink, Wim Wassink

Margriet Wentink, Wim Wassink

Symbiosis and Autonomy in couple relationships

A loving and satisfying couple relationship is something that most people desire and have high expectations of. But how do we find the equilibrium between our desire for intimacy and love, and a good way to manage very day life, and our need to be an autonomous person within the couple relationship?

Couple relationships very quickly can turn into a destructiv form of symbiotic entanglement with lots of quarrels and frustrations. How can we find a constructive way of living together as loving and equal partners?

In this workshop we will use the constellations method Franz Ruppert has developed to clear those types of questions dealing with couple relationships.

Margriet Wentink
Wim Wassink
since 1996 working in Tiel/NL as consultants, trainers and supervisors in their own practice
in ongoing training with Franz Ruppert in Munich
Translators of the Dutch edition of "Symbiosis and Autonomy"
Organisators of the seminars and lectures of Franz Ruppert in the Netherlands

Tel. 0031 (0)344 61 71 11

Martina Wittmann

Martina Wittmann

The "Intention" - the central concept of the constellation

Introducing the "intention" into the constellations process has fundamentally changed the therapeutic quality of constellations work. The client starts by phrasing his/her intention i.e. the desired change he/she wants to achieve. She then chooses a representative for the intention and begins the constellations process in direct interaction with the intention. The client is thus actively involved in the process right from the start, instead of observing it from a witnessing perspective. By facing and interacting with the intention, the client immediately experiences his own psychic reality on different levels, i.e. in a cognitive, emotional and bodily level.

By sensing the quality of contact with the intention the client gets immediate feedback from within her psychic structure as to what degree of change is possible at this moment. If there is not yet sufficient stability in the psychic system to support the desired change, the process clarifies that and why it is not yet possible to take this step. There is no seeking for or imposing of a solution from outside. Instead the method leads the client to a direct experience of her psychic reality in its often contradictory or destructive complexity. Only then, from a level of clarity, constructive solutions can naturally evolve, which are then supported by the psychic system as a whole.

In my workshop I will facilitate a constellation to demonstrate the key significance and the different aspects of the intention for both the client and the facilitator.

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