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Trauma and sexual abuse

Andrea Stoffers

People suffering from sexual abuse very often can't remember what has happened. They only have vague feelings that something could have happened. Normally children are threatened by the perpetrators so that they do not talk about the abuse, and they carry feelings of guilt and shame within them. Before the sexual abuse most of them will already have suffered from a symbiotic trauma, so they were already split when the abuse happened.

Talking therapies do not really help. Constellations can support such people to realize the truth of the sexual abuse and to reconnect step by step with reality.

Clients then feel understood and seen, they can gain confidence towards themselves and integrate the split parts of their psyche.
Constellation groups are very helpfull in finding support not only from the therapist but also from the representatives and other group members.

Andrea Stoffers, born 1963.
Since 2007 HP Psychotherapy in her own practice in Neuss

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