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Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

Program of the Conference 2012

Symbiosis and Autonomy

1st International Conference about Constellation Work
based on Bonding- and Trauma Theory

All lectures and workshops will be translated into English

Friday, 26.10.2012

from 11.30 h Registration for the conference
14.00 h – 14.15 h Opening
Birgit Assel and Detlev Blechner
14.15 h – 15.45 h Symbiotic Trauma and Symbiotic Entanglement – Key Concepts of Multigenerational Psychotraumatology
Prof. Franz Ruppert
15.45 h – 16.15 h Coffee break
16.15 h – 18.45 h Constellation Workshop with Franz Ruppert
19.00 h – 20.00 h Exchange, reflection and discussion

Saturday, 27.10

09.00 h – 09.15 h Opening
Birgit Assel and Detlev Blechner
09.15 h – 10.30 h Constellations – the emergence of a new method, its development
and current state
Prof. Franz Ruppert
10.30 h – 11.00 h Coffee break
11.00 h – 13.00 h Parallel Workshops

Workshop 1 Christina Freund: Why do children become hyperactiv?
Workshop 2  Alexander and Doris Brombach: The silent cry – trauma, sound and voice
Workshop 3 Manuela Specht: Feelings are there from the beginning - prenatal Traumata
Workshop 4 Corinna Schürmann: Traumaconstellations with children and juveniles – opportunities and limits
Workshop 5 Clare Kavanagh: Trauma and the therapist- the art of the possible
Workshop 6 Patrizia Manukian: What`s behind disease symtoms?
Workshop 7 Karla Domning: Constellations with clients in a psychosomatic clinic
Workshop 8 Martina Rückel-Schmidt: Trauma constellations within the professional context
13.00 h – 14.30 h Lunch
14.30 h – 17.00 h Parallel Workshops

Workshop 9
Martina Wittmann: The "Intention" – the central concept of the constellations
Workshop 10
Dagmar Strauss: Can the fathers substitute for the mother?
Workshop 11 Margriet Wentink and Wim Wassink: Symbiosis and Autonomy in couple relationsships
Workshop 12 Detlev Blechner: Coaching and trauma
Workshop 13 Heribert Döring-Meijer: Trauma-Constellations and working with resources
Workshop 14 Vivian Broughton: Trauma Constellations in individual sessions
Workshop 15 Radim Ress: Integrative Traumatherapy
Workshop 16 Gabriele Hoppe: Symbiotic Trauma and burnout
17.30 h – 18.30 h Reflection and Discussion with the Speakers
from 20.00 h Conference party with Many Moons (Martin Seeliger and his group)
based on "Dancing the Five Rhythms", directed by Barbara Theis

Sunday, 28.10

09.00 h – 09.15 h Opening
Birgit Assel and Detlev Blechner
09.15 h – 10.30 h The Perpetrator-Victim-Dynamic and its consequences for working with constellations based on bonding and trauma
Prof. Franz Ruppert
10.30 h – 11.00 h Coffee break
11.00 h – 13.00 h Parallele Workshops

Workshop 17 Thomas Röll: Dental problems with a background of trauma
Workshop 18 Harald Banzhaf: Fatigue Syndrome and Symbiotic Trauma
Workshop 19 Evelyn Hähnel: Trauma and psychosomatic symptoms
Workshop 20
Birgit Assel and Kerstin Kirschniok: Trauma and multiple identities
Workshop 21
Susanne Mautner: Trauma and the Body
Workshop 22 Andrea Stoffers: Trauma and sexual abuse
Workshop 23 Marta Thorsheim: Trauma and birth
Workshop 24 Marina Schürmann:The trauma of loss - how to deal with it
13.00 h – 14.30 h Lunch break
14.30 h – 16.00 h Reflections and Discussion with the Speakers, closing of the Conference