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2014: Our Speaker

Birgit Assel and Sabine Schmidseder

Birth and Trauma

In no time the wish for a dream delivery can end in birth trauma.

Do prenatal differential screenings pathologize natural procedures like pregnancy and delivery?

What happens to pregnant women when, in the grip of modern medicine, they get the message that they cannot handle pregnancy and birth by themselves?

Is hospital delivery perhaps more dangerous than home birth?

What is the importance of midwives nowadays?

In this workshop Birgit Assel und Sabine Schmidseder follow up theses questions and bring in their experience. They want to encourage women to share their experience and introduce a method that allows processing and integration of traumatic pregnancies and deliveries with the constellation of the intentionon the base of bonding and trauma.


birgit_asselBirgit Assel, born 1960, is married, with two children
Diploma Social Pedagogy, since 1998 she ahs had her own institut and since 2007 has based her work on Franz Ruppert's Multigenerational Psychotraumatology,  trauma constellations and the recently developed "constellation of the intention".

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Sabine Schmidseder,
Freelance midwife and systemic kinesiologist, married 2 sons, 26 and 15 years old.
Since 2005 in the development “Mama Coaches“ lecturer in trainings about prenatal psychology and depth psychosomatics.
Lecturing in schools and cooperation with “Aktion Leben“, cycle sex education for girls, healthy pregnancy, birth, puerperal care and life with the newborn, as well as birth preparation- and postnatal exercise courses and birth-coping groups belong to my activities.
Since 2001 continous further training, among others in the constellation method on the basis of attachment and trauma of Prof. Franz Ruppert.


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Dr. Harald Banzhaf

Healthy relationship organisation between doctor and patient in the example of a practice with integrative therapy concept - taking into account the constellation method as a central element.

Resulting from different starting positions, relationships between therapist and patient mostly develop in a very asymmetric way. On one hand there are superficially legal and textual guidelines, professionalisation and time pressure. On the other hand there is lack of information and clarification, the feeling of dependence and being at the mercy of somebody as well as pronounced fears in connection with respective supressing mechanisms. This type of relationship is indisputably hindering and harmful to whatever type of healing process.

Through the constellation method as central element besides very precious diagnostic and therapeutic insights, a completely new quality of relationship dynamics between doctor and patient develops.

Using the example of a medical practice with focus on environmental medicine as a contact point for environmental diseases, I want to show that through the application of the constellation method within a multimodal concept, not only diagnostic and therapeutic hints can be found, (not least with regard to the participation of inner split off parts and their proper pathogenic effects), but the way of relationship beween doctor and patient gains a completely new quality that verifibly contributes to the further recovering- and healing process.

Through continous process work with respective openess (of both sides), it is possible for the patient as well as for the therapist to uncover so far hidden destructive relationship patterns and replace them one after the other with constructive ones in the way that forms a healthy relationship as base for all further diagnostic and thrapeutic measures.

Dr. med. Harald Banzhaf
Dr. Harald BanzhafSpecialist in general medicine, environmental medicine, natural healing, acupuncture, sports medicine, social medicine, occupational medicine and emergency medicine,
Since 1996 he has run a practice of integrative medicine with a specific focus on Mind/Body-Medicine,
Academic medical-practice, University of Tübingen,
2008 Foundation of the Academy of Mindfulness,
2011 training in constellations work on the basis of bonding and trauma theory with Prof. Ruppert in Munich.

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Detlev Blechner

Fathers and Symbiosis Trauma

For fathers, the birth of a child brings profound changes in the couples relationship. Alienation of the female partner is often the trigger for the relationship conflict. Often fathers develop domestic absenteeism and a disturbed closeness to the child justified by reasons of supply, such as work. Further escalations can arise by psycological and physical violence or different forms of dependency. Sentences like: “I never knew him like that“ are common.

Conversations should explain all that, but cannot achieve a perceived improvement. Through the constellation of the intention the underlying reasons appear. For the male, the mother-child-bonding processes touch the feelings of loneliness and rejection to his own mother. The traumatisation of his love to himself because he was not loved enough.

The feelings of retraumatisation activate his trauma survival strategies, leading to his behaviour. The control of the feelings does not allow a healthy relationship to the partner and child any more, which results in a depressive and destructive survival attitude that extends to the family relationship.

Through constellations the entanglement and the consequences of the symbiosis trauma of the father can be processed. Becoming aware results in clearing processes whereby emotions for the female partner and the child become possible.
There is the opportunity for one constellation.



detlev_blechnerDetlev Blechner, born 1960, father of one daughter
Diploma in social sciences.
Since 28 years coach for autonomy-promoting life- and work issues, thereof 20 in the area of psychological coaching.
Since 2009 regular training at IGTV/Birgit Assel and seminars with Prof. Franz Ruppert.
Furtheron I am a free lecturer at universities, colleges and academies.


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Vivian Broughton

The Heart of Things: The Constellation of the Intention in the individual and couples session

What does it mean to 'support healthy relationships' in the one-to-one session? What does that mean for the relationship between the therapist and client and what does it require of the therapist?

In this presentation and workshop Vivian will present her latest thoughts on these topics. One of her continuing passions is the elegant, ethical and disciplined practice of the therapist in the individual session. She will demonstrate her work, discuss the finer points of practice and additionally talk about her perspective on working with couples.

Vivian Brougthon


Vivian Broughton,
is the author of three books on the topics of trauma constellations generally and individual work specifically as well as numerous articles for professional journals. Her experience as a psychotherapist and constellations facilitator spans many years, including nine years of study with Franz Ruppert. She edited all Franz's books translated into English. She works in London and Bristol, UK, and in several other countries.

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Annemarie Denk

Unfulfilled desire to have children

Enormous pressure builts up in the relationship when the wish to have own children remains unfulfilled and all natural methods fail.
In vitro fertilization and sperm donation are discussed in specialized clinics often before the couples deal with their mental states concerning their unfullfilled wish for pregnany.

Body and mind are interwoven tightly. Obstacles of different kinds can block the body via inner tension and in this way prevent pregnany. Alternatively, it may happen that we want to fulfill unconscious expectations via the thought of pregnancy and overwhelm the evolving children with ancestral and personal burdens. We expect from the children to provide something that we have never gotten and abuse them with the forced and unnatural pregnancy to fulfill the desires of our unsatisfying lives.

With the method of the constellation of the intention it is possible to research the origin of these obstacles and unconscious expectations. We become able to recognize them and show ways that can lead out of this obstruction, that takes out the tension as well as opens the possibility to freely reconsider the desire to have a child.

In the workshop I present my experiences with this topic. We can make one constellation of the intention.

Annemarie Denk,annemarie_denk

Graduated in social science (FH), systemic individual-, couple- and family therapist, health educator, medical studies, hypnotherapy after Milton Erickson, trauma therapy.
Long-standing activity in medical practices (focus: pain management, relaxation, unfulfilled desire to have children, psychooncology) and since 14 years multimodal pain therapy in
Paracelsus Clinic Munich.
Since 2010 application of the constellation of the intention after Prof. Franz Ruppert.
2012 training with Franz Ruppert in multigenerational psycho-traumatology and since continuing to sit in on constellations.
In own practice since 14 years, individual coaching, trauma constellations, groups and seminars.

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Karla Domning

Fear of death by the own mother

Some children experience violence through their own mother.
Hereby the gender of the child makes a difference, as the mother always identifies with the daughter. There are mothers who want to maltreat or even kill their daughters. Due to the predominant social mother image it is not easy to detect this kind of abuse from outside.
Terror from mothers towards their little daughters therefore is not easy to realize and is a taboo. Generally mothers acting in this way are themselves traumatized by war, sexual violence, and other experiences of violence or comparable desperate situations. Consequently they cannot bear the liveliness and sponaneous expressions of a little child, feel overwhelmed and find pleasure to torture or even kill her.
In the clinical context, it happens again and again mothers and daughters in crisis areas  make similar experiences. The constellation of the intention in the process is very helpful to solve and emotionally cope with destructive entanglements in relationships.
In my workshop we are going to look closer at such entangled relationships, examples how the constellation method can be helpful with such entanglements are introduced.


Karla DomnikKarla Domning, born 1957.
Senior Diplom Psychologist and Pastor.
Trainings in Psychodrama, Counceling, Meditation, Family Constellations and Trauma Constellations.





Gerlinde Fischedick

Healthy Work Relationships

 “Origin - Practical Experience - Solutions“

It often starts with the career choice, which is frequently a symbiotic and not a free decision. This can be the beginning of a chain of work relationships, which again and again confront one with unfulfilled needs, and one rarely can decode the origin of it. At work daily unsolved personal and familial trauma situations can be triggered.
Issues concerned are:

- attitude in application situations
- negotiations of work conditions
- perception of tasks in the enterprise
- organisation and formation of relationships to superiors and colleagues
- business management

The workshop shows how to decipher the personal concerns with the help of constellations to achieve healthy and realistic work relationships.
Employees, employers, counsellers and individuals doing constellations are welcome.
After an initial introduction, participants are drawn to have the opportunity to make a constellation of their intention.



Gerlinde Fischedick, born 1956gerlinde_fischedick

Lawyer, mediator, systemic therapist and psychologic counseller, working in Hannover and Celle.






Christina Freund

Mother-daughter Relationships

The relationships between mothers and daughters differ from those to their sons. They are of the same sex and have the same body. Therefore, they are very close but at the same time in danger to get into respective symbiotic entanglement. This applies even more when mothers are traumatised. If a mother becomes aware of her traumatisation during her therapeutic process, she becomes able to recognize the traumatisation of her daughter.
The recognition to have traumatized the own daughter triggers feelings of grief and guilt.
These are very hard to tolerate for the daughter. Therefore she frequently starts to protect her mother and minimizes or denies her own injuries.
In constellation work with traumatized mothers and daughters I see such entangling dynamics repeateldy. How can mothers and daughters process their traumatic experience in a helpful way? How can they find a healthy relationship?

Based on a theoretical introduction, a constellation and a final discussion the workshop looks for answers.


Christina Freund

Christina Freund
Social worker, Study of German Literature and History
2006-2008 training with Dr. Lutz Besser, his psycho-traumatology and traumatherapy
since 2008 training with Prof. Franz Ruppert, his mutligenerational psychotraumatology and his way of facilitating constellations

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Margret Friederich

Trauma – Compulsions – Relationships

Compulsive acts are survival strategies to control trauma sensations like helplessness, fear of death and disgust. Through their vehemence they impede remembering what really happened. They increase when trauma feelings rise to the surface of consciousness yet cannot be allocated in the psyche.

Reasons for compulsive activities often stem from early situations of neglect and abuse that lead to trauma. Survival strategies by means of compulsive activity therefore influences the relationshipto ourselves and to other people.
Compulsions like perpetually washing oneself, always controlling one’s environment or the need to have everything in a certain order end up dictating the day. A feeling of disgust can lead to always wearing gloves before touching anything. Or being touched - by other people, the close partner or by oneself - causes enormous stress and can lead to an isolated survival strategy. In the relation- ship to oneself that can mean: “I am not right, I am deranged! What will others think if they become aware of my compulsions?“

If therapies aim to ameliorate compulsions without looking at their underlying reasons, they can lead to further splits in the personality. They can sometimes make daily life function for a while butmostly the compulsions prevail again afterwards.

The workshop offers the opportunity for the constellation of an intention.

margret-friederichMargret Friedrich, born 1950
In 1998 I met Birgit Assel (jgtv). Through her I progressed from the “Family Constellation“ method to the “Method of the Constellation of an Intention“ developed by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert.
I joined the training course 2009/2010 “From family constellation to trauma constellation“.
2011 to 2014 “Constellation Therapy on the base of Bonding and Trauma“. I take supervisions and follow the new findings in the development of “Trauma Constellations“.
Since 2010 I offer seminars and individual treatment in Lünen.

Tel.   0049 (0)231 80 29 89

Mobil 0049 (0)173 35 34 04


Evelyn Hähnel

Physical diseases and relationship

Digestive problems, migrane, backpain, cardiac arrhythmia, blood pressure fluctuation - all these symptoms can lead to unease in a relationship, a way to withdraw from or to rebel against the partner.

Lots of people are afraid of being single and therefore live in relationships. But are they really healthy? Is it possible that these relationships intensify old symptoms or even create new ones? Or that they mirror old themes from childhood?

Our interpersonal skills are shaped by early patterns of our first bonding relationships. Often we repeat with our partner unconscious traumatic experiences from our childhood and reconnect to our trauma-feelings. These feelings are difficult to bear and and manifest in a concealed way in physical symptoms.

As long as the original disorder is not fixed the symptoms remain permanent and appear  as disease. The treatment of this kind of disease is far away from its origin. Additionally symptoms are suppressed and benumbed by medication. That explains why success of treatment and healing fail to appear.

In this kind of disease survival mechanisms take effect to keep the trauma away from us. As symptoms they appear to integrate into the personality and the feelings belonging to them freeze. Not before the symptoms are allowed to tell their story and their real background arises and can be experienced, the belonging feelings can be felt. Then healing begins.

In the workshop there is the opportunity for an own trauma constellation.


Evelyn HähnelEvelyn Hähnel

Since 1994 she leads her own naturopathic practice in Munich.
Body therapy according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine,
systemic psychotherapy, yogateacher, nutritional advice.
Since 2000 regular attendance and training in psycho-
traumatological constellation therapy after Prof. Franz Ruppert
Since 2007 heading own trauma constellation seminars.

Tel. 0049 (0)89 571775

Gabriele Hoppe

On the way towards myself

Our early experiences have far reaching consequences and profound impact on our further lives: they influence our development, our health, our relationships.
Severely stressful experiences get split off and the overwhelming traumatic experiences  connected to them can not be remembered any more.

In the course of life similar experiences recur and lead to further splits. More and more we lose the healthy relationship to ourselves.

How does this manifest? What hinders us on our way to ourselves? How is the relationship to ourselves influenced? How can we work on improvement of the relationship to ourselves?

This workshop is about the dropping out of the wholeness at a very ealy stage due to existential experiences and resulting victim attitudes, about perpetrator introjects and about doors leading out of the perpetrator-victim split - on the way to a healthy relationship to ourselves.

There will be the option for a constellation of the intention on the base of bonding and trauma after Prof. Franz Ruppert.


gabriele_hoppeGabriele Hoppe,
Graduated in business management with focus on human resources and -training.
Health professional in psychotherapy, with focus on multigenerational psychotraumatology,  bonding theory, humanistic psychology.

Working with the constellation of the intention after Franz Ruppert,
EMDR, image and gestalt therapy in own practise near Aschaffenburg.

Tel. 0049 (0) 6094-9897798




Birgit B. Lehner

In good relationship with oneself and others

Destructive relationship arrangements can evolve from survival- and solution strategies of the childhood. These block or impede authentic contact to oneself and and others. If the needs, emotions, intuitive impulses, wishes, values and thoughts have been disregarded, being authentic requires courage.

Learned fear of rejection and rational defence mechanisms, such as minimization, glossing over and justification, can prevent the distinction between trauma feelings, pysical trauma sensations, flash-backs and traumatic cognitive confusion of authentic needs and emotions. This has a negative effect on communication. Misconceptions result from lack of self-understanding and self-acceptance and double bind communication.
The trauma integration process facilitates self-awareness and self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. The aim is to stay with oneself, to take over responsibility for oneself and decline invitations to co-dependency.

We depart for the journey to ourselves to also get to others.
The lot decides who will get the opportunity for a constellation.

Birgit B. Lehnerbirgit_b_lehner

Diploma in psychology. Psychotherapy, behaviour therapy, health insurance acceditation, Munich.
Since 2005 constellations after Prof. Franz Ruppert, individual, groups.
Traumatherapeutic trainings in different schools.







Patrizia Manukian

Trauma, Bonding and Love

What is a healthy and what an entangled relationship?
How do they form and how can they be changed?

The desire to have confidence in somebody and to be loved are basic existenial needs
for human beings. The word “love“ is one of the main issues among people in the whole world. As important love is, as hard it is to comprehend. There are thousands of texts, songs and presentations about it. Often one desperatly searches for it, sometimes feels in seventh heaven, it brings us profound pain, or it lets us feel tingling in the stomach.
Where are the roots of healthy fulfilled love? Where are the origins of love sickness,   lonesomeness and partner relationship problems?
If individuals experience secure love and bonding as children, they can surely assume that as adults they will be able to live healthy love and bonding.

In my workshop I am happy to explore together with you the the origin of our emotional problems in childhood, to look where the love for oneself was lost, to feel the pain of abandonment, the lack of love or the lonliness, to reintegrate them and bring the possibly overdrawn needs towards the partner into balance.


patrizia_manukianPatrizia Manukian, born in 1967.
non-medical practitioner, kinesiologist, craniosacral therapist,
facilitator for trauma constellations and constellations of the intention,
2001-2002 training in family constellations (Jutta ten Herkel, Silvia Miclavez),
2010-2011 training in multigenerational psycho-traumatology (Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert),
Facilitator of the seminars and lectures held by Franz Ruppert in Italy

Tel. 0039 348 7164477




Susanne Mautner

Trauma and origin

In our original experiences and beyond it there are central impacts for our further life.
Conception, incorporation-implantation, the moment when our parents discovered the pregnancy, our further experience in the womb, the birth process, and the first hours and days thereafter are original experiences that fundamentally form our further relationship-life.

All these are experiences, that we encounter in a time of enormous vulnerability and limited self-determination. They reach deep into our body and mind. It is the vulnerability that needs a special space of attentiveness and caution to invite heeling if needed in these
areas of experience.

With help of the constellation of the intention, this workshop is an invitation to attentiveness - perhaps the start or next step to a healthy and constructive relationship to yourself!

After the initial theoretical part we shall make one or two constellations, dependant on time.



Susanne Mautner, born 1965
Licensed counseller, trained constellation therapist (Karin Graf, Daan van Kampenhout, Matthias Varga von Kibed, Ilse Kutschera, Johannes B. Schmidt, Franz Ruppert)
Licenced therapeutic massage therapist, familylab seminar leader, body focussed process work by means of different massage techniques, focussing, somatic experiencing,
cranio-sacrale therapy, energy-body-work.
Work with groups and in individual setting in own practise in Vienna.

Tel. 0043 (0)664 915 2424



Marion Nebbe

From relationship-addiction and co-dependancy to an autonomous and healthy couple relationship

Relationship addiction means the inability to let go of a person although being together with that person has destructive consequences on one‘s own psychological and physical well-being.

Destructive behaviour patterns like permanent quarreling, power fights, jealousy dramas with mutual blaming in couple relationships are survival strategies.
Adults from so-called risk families (poverty, alcohol, physical violence/sexual abuse, separation/divorce of the parents) in their childhood experienced extreme threats by their traumatised parents. Later many of them take up helping professions.

About attachment and finding
Attachment researchers have found that very early in life each individual develops an attachment pattern. This attachment pattern repeats itself during life and coins following relationships.

We can distinguish four different attachment patterns.
- secure attachment
- insecure-avoiding attachment
- insecure-ambivalent attachment
- disorganised attachment

We are unconsciously looking for the partner who “helps“ us to re-enact so far unresolved early childhood traumatisation.

The constellation of the intention reveals the predominant attachment pattern and helps to inegrate psychological splits. Often in the course of a constellation it appears that someone is still entangled with the parents (e.g. by grief, fear, pain etc.). Symbiotic entanglements with parents can be solved.

From harming relationship dynamics to respectful togetherness

Not before we have arrived at ourselves healthy autonomous couple relationships work out. Here both can encounter as individuals who neither need  to idealize nor demonize each other. Love relationships that give room to conflicts and do not endanger the attachment because in a healthy couple relationship each individual lives their individuality responsibly and respects personal boundaries.

There is the opportunity for one constellation.


marion_nebbeMarion Nebbe, born 1955
Since 1995 I work in my own practice. Part time I am a systemic couple and family counseller in a youth welfare organisation in Munich.
Comprehensive experience in couple and family counselling.
Multigenerational psychotraumatology, constellation of the intention after Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert.

Tel. 0049 (0)89 37985355


Thomas Röll

The Doctor-Patient-Relationship

In dental practice experienced observers again and again notice that patients are stuck in victim-perpetrator dynamics. Often chronic complaints can not be improved with the usual dental treatment. On top of that many dentists are unaware of their own unprocessed trauma. So they unconsciously offer the breeding ground for entanglement with their patients.
With the method of the “constellation of the intention“ we can reveal connections between physical complaints and victim-perpetrator dynamics working behind them.
In this way we learn to understand physical symptoms and consequently dental treatment can be fully effective. Especially when the boundaries and capabilities of patient and doctor are recognized and successfully communicated.

In this workshop I shall illustrate these correlations in examples from my practice and offer the opportunity for an own constellation.



thomas_roellThomas R. Röll

Since 1990 self employed dentist in Ulm with focus on holistic dental medicine.
Since 2008 also practice for coaching and systemic counselling, lectures and seminars.
Since 2009 training and supervision in constellation of the intention on the base of trauma and bonding with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert

Tel. 0049 (0)731 7157496



Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert

Lectures during the Conference

Healthy Relationships (Friday, 10th of October 2014)
Relationships are central for the development of our human psyche. Therefore constructive relationshios make us healthy and destructive relationships make as mentally and phyically ill. What is significant for „healthy“ relationships? What are the symptoms for „insane“ relations? What can we do to gain healthy relationships and change the insane ones? How can we make use of the „constellation of the Intention“ to improve our relationships?

"The Constellation of the Intention" (Saturday, 11th of October 2014)
1994 I started to learn what we can achive with „family constellations“. Meanwhile I developed a specific format of constellations to work on the level of trauma. This work is based on the concept of „multigenerational psychotraumatology“ and I call it „The constellation of the Intention“. What does this method mean? What are the benefits of this type of working? What can be done wrong?

"Early Trauma - Pregnancy, Birth and our first years of  Life" (Sunday, 12th of October 2014)
Already during pregnancy and in the birth process it can happen that we as human beings make experiences that traumatize us. The concept of „Early Trauma“ describes and explaines how and why we can be traumatized in our early phases of life. It shows that „The „constellation of the Intention“ helps us to work effectively on this leves of trauma.

Workshop: Patterns of Perpetrator-Victim-Relationships (Friday, 10th of October 2014)

Destructive relationships are based on patterns of victim-perpetrator dynamics. They are founded in aggression, violence and manipulation. Victim-perpetrator-patterns that we develop during our childhood will easily be reproduced in later relationships. So it is important to identify those patterns and develop the strenght and the will to give them up and build up constructive relations. The „Constellation of the Intention“ is an effective tool to change perpetrator-victim-dynamics.

franz_ruppertFranz Ruppert, Prof. Dr., born 1957
Professor for Psychologie at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Psychotherapist in his own practice.
Since 1994 I develop the concept of the „multigenerational psychotraumatology“, the basis of my work with the „Constellation of the Intention“. The developement of my work is documented in 7 books, some of them are translated in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Romanian, Brasilian, Polish, Turkish and Dutch.

I offer seminars, lectures and trainings worldwide.

Tel. 0049 (0)170 7348434




Bettina Schmalnauer

Can constellations help children?

There are two main dynamics that I often experience in my practice: Parents come to me with and because of their children with the question - my child displays behaviouiral problems, has problems with relationships, is anxious, agressive, restrained..., at home and in school and there is no apparent reason for it. In our family everything is okay. We have all we need, we could be happy. “What is the matter with my child?!“ the parents ask themselves puzzled and helplessly.
Issues that appear frequently are physical symptoms from headaches to bedwetting, under- or overweight, sleeping problems. Parents and children have already gone through a therapeutical odyssey and have the attitude to want to get rid of the symptom!
It is helpful to look at the bigger picture of the dynamics of the multigenerational bonding relationships in both directions, me and my parents, grand-parents... and consequently  my children. I love my children and my children love me. Right out of this bonding constellation we get entangled with each other, making the loving relationship with the child difficult. Looking at the situation sincerely and straightforwardly and the wish to resolve the entanglement helps.

Bettina Schmalnauer,


Bettina Schmalnauer
,in second marriage, 3 daughters 21y., 9 y., 6 y.,
Since 25 years I deal with what ails and heals the soul out of personal necessity.
2006 training for Body Talk Applier,
2008 three-year-training in family and structural constellation with Dr. Karl-Heinz Domig in Goldegg / Salzburg.
2011 training with Franz Ruppert, since then seminars and monthly visits in his practise.
Since 2008 self empoyed in own practice in Attnang Austria working with Body Talk, constellation therapy after Franz Ruppert, individuals and groups, councelling and coaching.


Cordula Schulte

Mothers and Sons

With the conception of a son a opposite gender child grows in the body of the mother and activates different feelings and different (re-)cognitions than a daughter. In a son she has a counterpart that connects to all her experiences she made in the context with men in her social environment like father, brothers, friends and partners.
This opens a lot of room for specific projecting as the “own“, or typical female is missing.
In their development, sons are often accompanied by mothers who unconsciously or perhaps even consciously carry disappointment and anger towards male reference and attachment figures within and have to compensate for or supress these feelings.

The mother-son relationship mirrors mainly the trauma of the mother or triggers her through causing problems for the mother by non-conformity and diverse symptoms like school problems, massive resistance to education, sleeping problems etc. These cannot be understood and allocated respectively. Rejected, aggressive, and non-conforming parts of the mothers are unconciously sensed and lived by the sons.

The constellation of the intention leads to uncover the mother-child dynamics and here especially the mother-son one. Projections can be recognized and sons have the chance to free themselves from the “fighting mode“, as well as from multiple distinct features like hyperactivity, dependency behaviour, disposition to violence and many others, allowing them to live in a masculine manner without guilt.

Cordula Schulte,1952, married with two adult children.Cordula_Schulte
Health practitioner for psychotherapy in own practice in Essen.
In recent years therapeutic activity is based on qualifications in trauma therapy especially in trauma constellation work after Prof. Franz Ruppert in individual and group sessions.
Lecturer and seminar leader at Paracelsus Schools.

Praxis für Psychotherapie und Systemische Beratung, Essen

Tel. 0049 (0) 201 266 7305





Corinna Schürmann

Professional Relationships

Interactions between different intrapsychic parts and structures of the professional person and the client can lead to destructive processes in professional relationships.

The professional person and client often notice discrepancies, get into conflict and dependencies with each other and/or cannot work together in a helpful and trustful way (any more). Hence it is of great importance to question the motivation for the choice of the own profession and to reflect upon one‘s own and the client‘s blind spots with regard to individual patterns of interaction. Dealing with one‘s own professional personality with the help of the constellation of the intention on the base of trauma and bonding, can initiate a process of clarification that assists the proper personal development and thus contributes to helpfully accompany other people in their increasing development of autonomy - beyond (destructive) relationships.

On one hand my workshop is about theoretical consideration of professional relationships, on the other hand it is about individual interrogation in reference to the proper professional personality by means of the intention applied on entangling strategies, destructive patterns and other interactions in the work with clients.

There will be room to make a constellation.

corinna-schuermann_2014Corinna Schürmann, born 1983,
Diploma in education, special needs education, mediator after guidelines of BM.
2010 to 2013 social education worker in a residential facility of child and youth welfare in Hamburg.
From 2010-2013 training in multigenerational psychotraumatology after Franz Ruppert
at IGTV by Birgit Assel (diploma in social sciences).
From November 2013 self employed, working with the method of trauma constellation on the base of bonding and trauma after Franz Ruppert and the constellation format “constellation of the intention“.

Tel.:    +49 40 50036365
Mobil:  +49 176 30626129



Marina Schürmann

Beyond life - Relationships with already deceased persons

Throughout their lives, people live together in a variety of types of relationships. With the loss of a person, the real-life relationship ends. Internally it often persists beyond the grieving process, although the real character in life is missing. The origin of the inner clinging mostly stems from symbiotic entanglements with early caregivers, primarily the mother and compensatorily also the father or other carers. This often prevents an inner release and leads to a conscious or unconscious adherence to the deceased person and the impression that the grieving never ends.
In the individuals concerned, these procedures can have different effects on processing and on attachment behaviour, and can strongly influence their concrete relationships.
On a multigenerational level the strong and often unconscious connection to a deceased people looms heavily. Multigenerational entanglements can impede the development of an own identity and cause identification with extraneous emotions.
Trauma constellations can help to uncover and solve such entanglements in real-life relationships.

In my workshop there will be the opportunity to deal with intentions and thus initiate clarification.


Marina-SchuermannMarina Schürmann, born in 1983

Diploma in education and special needs educaton, mediator after guidelines of BM,
Grievance counseller,  work with parents and siblings of dying children.
From 2010 - 2013 training in multigenerational psychotraumatology after Franz Ruppert
with Birgit Assel (diploma in social sciences).

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Monika Sellmayr

The relationship to the unborn child

Fertilization is the start of life for a child. Right from the beginning it is linked to the mother through the biological program, from cell division and specialisation to birth preparedness of the mother. The expecting mother reacts mentally and physically to the pregnancy, the unborn child and the forthcoming birth. This period can be full of emotional joy and confidence that the child feels safely connected to the mother. However, previous unconscious or semi-conscious traumatic experiences of the mother‘s own childhood and her bonding system can be triggered. These become split off.

Through the sensory organs the child physically and mentally resonates everything that comes from the mother. In case a traumatically loaded relationship evolves in the symbiotic bonding between mother and child, it can accompany mother and child for life if it remains unresolved.

The entanglement between child and mother and the bonding system become transparent and discernable by means of constellation of the intention. The mother can clarify her own issues, solve and integrate them. The grown up child can free himself from the symbiosis with the mother and leave the personal pre-natal traumatisation. Step by step, a good relationship to oneself can be developed together with joy in life as a base for all other relationships.

monika_sellmayrMonika Sellmayr born 1941,

Married, 2 grown up children. Counseller, trauma therapist, since 1995 in own practise.
Training in regression therapy, trauma therapy, work with children, EMDR.
Training in constellation with the intention with Franz Ruppert.

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Manuela Specht

Premature Birth and Trauma

Every year 15 million children are born before week 37 of pregnancy. 1.1 million do not survive. Premature birth is one of the highest risk factors for neonatal mortality. Germany has one of the highest premature birth rates. The number of extreme premature births, meaning birth before 28 weeks of pregnancy is increasing steadily. Survival rates have significantly  increased in the last few years.

What moves a child to arrive early in the world? Can we as parents take preventative measures to avoid premature birth? Can trauma constellation work be preventative?

With my contribution I want to encourage future mothers and parents and prematurely born children being adults now, to deal with their biography. With the help of trauma constellation work you can find your own answers and by working through your own life  story you can facilitate a better start into life for your children.

In my workshop I want to enable you to look at the reasons for premature birth from the point of view of bonding and trauma and multigenerational psychotraumatololgy. There will be the option to make a constellation concerning the topic.


Manuela SpechtManuela Specht
Certified nurse, psychological consultant.
Trained in Voice Dialogue and Multigenerational Psychotraumatology (Franz Ruppert),
she offers constellation seminars in Bad Tölz.

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Andrea Stoffers

Sexuality in Couple Relationships

The feeling for the own body as a prerequisite for a good couple relationship.

Often people experience sexuality as something very important and take it as an indicator for a good relationship with the partner. In the process, sexuality belongs to a relationship as much as a meal together does. It is something normal, what develops in the course, being neither emphasized nor embarraslingly kept secret but something that creates wellbeing out of healthy structures.
Abused individuals often experience it differently. They frequently mix up sexuality with love, resulting the impression they are not loved sufficiently when sex happens to be rare in the relationship.
They experience themselves as being separated from their bodies, merely react, play a role, cannot really engage and let go, reject their bodies as they feel recected from their partners.
In constellations mostly this split appears. Then the aim is to come to know the own body, to accept and to feel oneself, and to allow and endure the own feelings, to learn  
to recognize and name personal needs, to accept sexual desire as normal and nice rather than experience it as pressure or exert pressure with it. Simply experience sexuality as a result of healthy relationship structures. With the help of the constellation method reasons for split off feelings may be found. With the help of the constellation of the intention, my workshop illustrates the possible reasons and consequences of the split from the own body.


Andrea Stoffers

Andrea Stoffers, 1963.

Since 2007 health practitioner for psychotherapy in own practice in Neuss with the focus of constellation therapy on the base of bonding theory after John Bowlby and the multi-generational psycho-traumatology after Franz Ruppert (training with Franz Ruppert, Munich).
I offer training in theory and practice in “constellation of the intention“ after Franz Ruppert. Therapeutic coaching in critical life situations, constellation seminars.

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Dagmar Strauss

Wartrauma and the mother-child relationship

Wold War II finished more than 65 years ago and effects of traumatic experienes still continue in a tragic way.
The war generation‘s experiences, chacacterized by immesurable misery and heavy burdens of guilt, have left permanent psychological injury.
How can these traumatic experiences of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents be still active in our psyche?
The traumatic experiences influence the mother‘s ability to love her child and impact their bonding. In the effort of building a strong relationship to the mother the child experiences a „symbiosis trauma“. Rather than to healthy and fostering feelings the child bonds to supressed trauma of the mother and via her also to the trauma of the previous generations. So it is not uncommon that children, grandchildren and even great-grand children mirror war experiences of their ansisters in their psyche.
In my workshop we shall among other things look at what a child experiences in symbiosis trauma, and how the consequences reveal in destructive entanglement and seemingly unexplainable mental symptoms and how we can deal with them with the constellations.
One or two participants of the workshop have the opportunity to make a constellation to practically apply the theory discussed.

dagmar_straussDagmar Strauss, born 1962, married, 3 grown-up sons
Since 1988 self employed health practitioner
1984-1994 Training in classical homeopathy
2005-2006 Training in family constellations
2007-2010 Imagination Therapy after Dr. Böschemeyer
2009-2012 Training in Somatic Experience after Peter Levine
Since 2010 Training with Franz Ruppert

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Marta Thorsheim

Unwanted children

Unwanted to what degree – so much that the parents want to kill the child or only neglects the child and his/hers needs.
Wanted from the conception and later unwanted? Or unwanted conception and later wanted?
Is the unwantedness consciouss or unconsious?
I invite you to a reflection on this paradoxes, and I am sure, many more connected to this theme.
And we may do some Constellations of the Intention to dvelve deeper into this paradoxes and learn more about the dynamics behind it.



Marta Thorsheim
Psychotherapist and Certified Constellator is running her own Institute within constellations in Norway.
Her degree is in addition to psychotherapy a MBA in change managemnet and a  MM in international management.Her former background is within organizational development and change management.
As a managing director within the oilsurveillance industri she travelled to many countries, and later worked as a consultant for Norwegian companies. This opened her eyes for the connection between the company challanges and the people working there.
And from then she has walked the road within psychotherapy, met Bert hellinger in the late nineties and integrated his work in her practice. Later, when she met Dr. Franz Rupperts work, she got the feeling of ”this is it”, and the rpogram at her institute was also changed.

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Andrea Tietz

When adult children marry

Neediness, dependency and rejection are often issues in conselling couples. As long as we are entangled with our parents, we enter romantic relationships as a grown-up children with longing and traumatised child-parts. The complaints and defects within the relationship are only superficially directed at the partner - they are unconsciously directed towards the mother or the father.

Birth trauma, attachment disorder, symbiosis traumas create survival programs which we are not aware of. Feelings of insufficiency, not being understood, or anxiety are expressed as consequence of traumatic experiences. Split-off child-like parts meet. Adult and healthy encounters are not achievable in this manner.

This workshop intends to illuminate backgrounds of conflicts within relationships and how the constellation of the intention contributes to the solution. Case studies illustrate traumatisations and resulting survival parts. Understanding and compassion for oneself replace illusory demands of the partner.

With the realisation, feeling and step by step elaboration of child traumata, a romantic realtionship on the base of reality and autonomy is possible.

Within the workshop I offer a constellation for one couple.

andrea_tietzAndrea Tietz born 1959 in Augsburg/Bavaria
married, 2 adult daughters, since 1990 I live in Berlin,
-health practitioner since 1994 in own practice with focus on psychosomatics
-lecturer for health practitoner training, adult education, communication training,
-training in natural health and psychtherapy
-training in constellation of the intention after Prof. Franz Ruppert
 individual and couple counselling, group sessions in and around Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 2408 3904


Diana Vasile

Being Together and being separate in couple relationships

For singles or coupled, the relationship between Together and Separate seems to be a complicated one: if we are together, we ignore the “separate”; if we are single or separated, “together” seems to be impossible.
Do you feel sad or ready to run away when alone or single? Do you find yourself full of people around you? Or, there is no one who you can rely on? Do you find difficult to manage your feelings in relationships and think that the other cannot understand you?

This workshop is an invitation to explore your deep wounds that makes you feel this way and stops you from enjoying healthy relationships with yourself and those around you. Your wounds can be determined by past experiences of abuse: emotional, physical or sexual. We explore them using the constellation of intention, some of the most important theories and results of recent research on trauma and relationships, developed by F. Ruppert, J. Bowlby, J. Salome, M. Bowen. By the end of the workshop, you can get a clear insight on your reality and resources. These resources can thus be involved, consciously and unconsciously, in two types of processes: healing your wounds and creating new resources for fruitful connection with yourself and others.

Diana_VasileDiana Vasile,
is a psychologist, psychotherapist and professor at Hyperion University in Bucharest, Romania. She has been teaching courses on couple and family psychology and psychotherapy since 2000 in several Romanian universities. Her experience as psychotherapist and trainer is vast and internationally acknowledged for her efficiency with individuals and families. She worked as a psychotherapist in Australia and continued to see international clients in Romania. Diana’s interest focuses on psychological rehabilitation and personal development of those who experienced highly stressful and traumatized experiences of abuse and loss. She got her Phd on a thesis about posttraumatic growth and resilience after the loss of a parent through divorce and death. In the last 7 years she originally combined theories about trauma, relationships, family with solution-focused and psychodynamic therapies and constellation method. Diana Vasile is the author of academic books; the most important ones are “Introduction to family psychology and psychosexuality” and “Family traumas and compensatory resources”.

Margriet Wentink, Wim Wassink

Symbiosis and Autonomy in couple relationships

A loving and satisfying couple relationship is something that most people desire and have high expectations of. But how do we find the equilibrium between our desire for intimacy and love, and a good way to manage very day life, and our need to be an autonomous person within the couple relationship?

Couple relationships very quickly can turn into a destructiv form of symbiotic entanglement with lots of quarrels and frustrations. How can we find a constructive way of living together as loving and equal partners?

In this workshop we will use the constellations method Franz Ruppert has developed to clear those types of questions dealing with couple relationships.


Margriet Wentink, Wim WassinkMargriet Wentink
Wim Wassink
since 1996 working in Tiel/NL as consultants, trainers and supervisors in their own practice
in ongoing training with Franz Ruppert in Munich
Translators of the Dutch edition of "Symbiosis and Autonomy"
Organisators of the seminars and lectures of Franz Ruppert in the Netherlands

Tel. 0031 (0)344 61 71 11

Sabine Wintzen

Relationship to animals - a survival strategy?

Nowadays dog, cat, horse and other animals are family members rather than livestock or breeding animals. Often they replace a partner, missing children, or they may be the only  contact to another living being. In this way people easily get into a symbiotic entanglement with their animal and the animal gets into a situation of excessive demand.

To find a way out of this entanglement for a start it can be helpful to recognize oneself in the mirror of the animal. Using the example of horse-supported personal development training I shall show how horses exclusively react on our “self, here and now“ and do not get dazzled by our numerous survival strategies. This allows us to encounter our healthy side and simultaneously to recognize our splits.

The constellation of the intention is the appropriate way to further clarify our insights and to integrate split personality parts. The client achieves to remain more and more in his/her healthy part and the animals are back to what they really are - adorable companions.

There will be the opportunity for one constellation of the intention.

sabine_wintzenSabine Wintzen, 1963
Since 1992 trainer B licence of DSB, training riders and horses.
2003 psychological counseller (IAPP), 2005 further education in horse-supported training.
Since 2010 training and supervision in multigenerational psychotraumatology after Prof. Franz Ruppert with Birgit Assel (IGTV) as well as seminars with Franz Ruppert.
Since 2012 I offer individual constellation therapy and constellation seminars in Düsseldorf.

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Martina Wittmann

Trauma and Identity

In human beings suffering trauma has consequences on their identity. Of crucial importance is the  point in time when the trauma occurs.
If traumatic experience happens at a very early stage of development the person concerned will not perceive herself as an individual any more but as trauma sensation and identifiy herself as trauma. Or they are so entangled with others and their emotional states that they cannot distinguish what belongs to them and what belongs to others. There is a simultaneous presence of their own feelings and the feelings of others e. g. the mother, the father, the perpetrators etc.
There are no boundaries beween their feelings and the feelings of the others. What they perceive as "me“ and as "my own identity" is not only the own self however it is perceived as merely own.

The "me myself“ has to be discovered and in the verbal sense de-velopped.



Martina Wittmann

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