Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

3. International Congress in October 2016

"Love, Trauma and I"––The Sentence of Intention as a New Way to Encounter Yourself

Friday, October 21, 2016, 1 pm – Sunday, October 23, 2016, 4 pm

in Munich: Kolpinghaus München 

Whom do I want a relationship with? What is the work I really like to do? The questions regarding our identity and our own will are of central importance for our everyday life. How can we achieve a healthy self and a sane will? How can we live in intimate relationships and in greater social unities, in constructive forms of love and how can we stay healthy?

What can make the development of a healthy identity so difficult or even impossible? What impact do traumatic experiences have on this? How do the Trauma of Love, Early Trauma and Perpetrator-Victim Dynamics split our identity? And what options are available to overcome the splits in our psyche?

Encounter yourself by the Sentence of Intention is the basic method and focus of our practical work. In 40 workshops with topics from our daily and professional life we will learn what the benefits are, to have a closer view deep into the structure of our human psyche.

Together we will gain new insights on how a lost healthy "I" can be re-established, and how we can come into contact with our free will. On this basis we want to discover how we can create a constructive and healthy "we"?

Come and participate in the ongoing development of an Identity oriented Psychotrauma theory, therapy and counselling.

I cordially invite you to this 3rd International Congress of our Association in Munich

Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert
1. Chairman of the Association for Promoting Healthy Human Autonomy e.V.