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Coaching and Trauma

Detlev Blechner

Coaching is regarded as a modern method for strengthening people's potentials. Used to optimize the personality, coaching supports people physically, psychologically and helps them to improve their social integration. Systemic coaching promotes social competency, and is regarded as a "must for executives".

For some people coaching however can mean that certain methods and trainings actually exacerbate their psychological splits. This splits, the result of trauma, are often the cause of what is seen as weakness, and under such circumstances can become even more serious. The result could be increased splitting, sometimes provoking a complete breakdown. This could lead to an increasingly self-destructive cycle.

Using the constellation of the intention clearly shows the deficiencies of classical coaching and allows the person's desire for healthy autonomy and constructive symbiosis come to the fore.

Constellations based on a multigenerational psychotraumatology are a way of reaching the real cause of work and everyday life conflicts. Ultimately, this is a way of being more in contact with ourselves. In my workshop participants will find opportunities to do a constellation dealing with their professional life.

Detlev Blechner, born 1960, father of a daughter,
certified social scientist, working for 25 years as an organizational developer and psychological coach on support for working life, lecturer in Universities, Colleges and Training Institutes,
Office and practice in Hannover Organizational consulting-Projektmanagement-Coaching (OPC-Blechner).

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