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Can the father substitute for the mother?Dagmar Strauss

Even in the womb a very intense bonding process is going on between the mother and her child. After birth this bonding continues. The healthy mother is sensitive enough to give her child the physical contact, love, safety and holding that is needed. She can fulfil all symbiotic needs of her child.

What will then happen if the mother is not available for the child, if she is absent physically or emotionally?

Can a father be a substitute for the child's bonding needs towards his mother? What is the special quality of the child's attachment with his father? What are the risks of symbiotic entanglement between father and child, when there is a symbiotic trauma for the child because the mother is not available?

In this workshop we will discuss questions like this and offer an opportunity to do constellations on the background of bonding and trauma.

Dagmar Strauss, born 1962, married, three adult sons.
Homeopath working since 1991 in private practice,
2005-2006 training in family constellations,
2009-2012 training in Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine),
since 2010 training in Franz Ruppert's theory and practice in groups and regularly assisting in his private practice.

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