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Trauma Constellations in the indiviual session

Vivian BrougthonSince 2000 I have made an intensive study of working with the constellations method in the private individual session, including writing a book entitled In the Presence of Many published in 2010, which made a particular focus of the topic. Since engaging with Franz Ruppert's work from 2005, I have developed further ideas about working with trauma and bonding, particularly in the one to one session.

As trauma is essentially an event that renders the person completely helpless and overwhelmed by the forces at work, it is about power and powerlessness. Our facilitation style and approach then must come under particular scrutiny. Working with trauma requires us to pay particular attention to our own state of being, how we relate and interact with the client, and this applies as much to the individual session as to group work.

What does it mean to work phenomenologically in the one-to-one session, to describe rather than interpret? How do we respect the autonomy of the client? How do we stay sensitive to the symbiosis of our relationship with the client without splitting and getting entangled in their symbiotic trauma, and perhaps our own? How do we stay in touch with that delicate interface between what is possible right now and what is not? How do we manage our role as representative and facilitator in light of these issues?

In this workshop I will share my thoughts and ideas, and demonstrate the work of constellation based on Franz's trauma- and bonding theory.

Vivian Broughton
has been working with constellations since 2000, and has been a Gestalt psychotherapist in private practice since 1989. From 2000 to 2010 she has organised a training in Systemic Family Constellations in the UK . She has worked with many of the foremost Constellations practicioners in the field, most prominently over 5 years with Albrecht Mahr. Her subsequent intense study of Ruppert's work since 2005 has resulted in her adoption of his theories and method in her work. In 2012 she is organising and teaching the first English Language Training in Constellations based on Franz Ruppert's work, which will take place in Europe.

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