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Constellations with clients in a psychosomatic hospitalKarla Domning

It is a big challenge to work with trauma constellations in a clinic for psychomatic illnesses with a holistic approach. The participants of the constellation groups vary a lot in their specific psychological diagnoses, their age and their prior experience with psychotherapy. Finding an intention for their constellation and using another person as a representative for it helps the clients to have their inner processes before their eyes. They can immediately see what is true, and what can show up in that moment. The members in the group are involved in what is going on in the constellation, and they are very often touched and enriched by the work of their fellow members.

In this conference workshop I will share my experiences with this type of constellations, what Franz Ruppert calls the "constellation of the intention" in our clinical setting. I will reflect on how constellations work and other types of therapy fit together in the Clinic Lahnstein, my workplace as a psychologist, and were I am working with other facilitators.

Karla Domning, born 1957.
Diploma in Psychology and Pastor.
Trainings in Psychodrama, Counceling, Meditation, Family Constellations (Bert Hellinger) and Trauma Constellations (Franz Ruppert).

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