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Susanne Mautner

Trauma and the body

Traumatic experiences leave their traces in the human body as well as in the psyche. Formulating the intention for a constellation activates the trauma in the body as shown in symptoms such as pressure in the chest, trembling of limbs, headaches or numbness. These symptoms point to the original trauma experiences and help to clear them emotionally and cognitively step by step.

In our workshop at the 2012 Munich conference we will share our experiences with trauma and body work and offer the opportunity to set up a trauma constellation. We hope to meet you there.

Susanne Mautner, born 1965
Diploma as a Life Consultant, trained constellation facilitator (Karin Graf, Matthias Varga von Kibed, Ilse Kutschera, Johannes B. Schmidt, Franz Ruppert), familylab trainer, bodywork with elements of massages, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, Cranio-sacral therapy and energy work
Susanne works with groups and individuals in her practice in Vienna

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