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"Feelings are there from the beginning!"
-prenatal traumata

Manuela Specht

To prevent physical and psychological illnesses and mental diseases we should start with their origins. From the moment of conception the body memory of the unborn child stores all prenatal experiences. What is outside the mother's womb and all the traumatic experiences the mother has suffered influence the emotional development of the child. Bonding disorders develop before birth. Therefore this phase of our life is of huge importance.

Trauma constellations can help us gain access to our life before birth and help us understand that anxieties, depression and illnesses can result from prenatal trauma. This gives us a chance to recover from prenatal trauma.

Manuela Specht
Qualifed nurse, psychological consultant.
Trained in Voice Dialogue and Multigenerational Psychotraumatology (Franz Ruppert),
she offers constellation seminars in Bad Tölz.

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