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Why do children become hyeractive? 

Christina Freund

Hyperactivity is one of the most common behavioral disorders in children and adolescents. It points to a complex disturbance on a physical, emotional and psychological level. Medication can only tranquilize the affected children for a short time by suppressing the symptoms. However, since the root cause of the symptoms is not addressed, medication cannot ultimately calm the children down.

The concept of symbiotic trauma establishes a new understanding of the root causes of hyperactivity. It shows that children are "disturbed" by the unresolved trauma of their parents. The physical and/or emotional absence of the parents causes a fear of death in the child. In his need for contact the child entangles himself deeper and deeper, especially with the mother's trauma feelings. In turn the mother gets in touch with her own split off trauma feelings when facing the hyperactive symptoms in her child. She now tries to control these feelings in her child as a substitute which leads to a hopeless fight between mother and child.

In the workshop I will facilitate constellation processes to illustrate how this method can clarify the causes of hyperactivity in children. I will show how the vicious circle of trauma-stress-trauma-stress can be stopped.

Christina Freund
Social worker, Study of German Literature and History
2006-2008 training with Dr. Lutz Besser, his psycho-traumatology and traumatherapy
since 2008 training with Prof. Franz Ruppert, his mutligenerational psychotraumatology and his way of facilitating constellations

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