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Integrative Traumatherapy Radim Ress

The consequences of trauma are very complex, therefore a complex approach in trauma therapy is necessary. During the last decade some new and powerful therapy methods have been developed such as EMDR (Francine Shapiro), Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) or Eye Movement Integration.

In the symptoms of our body, trauma feelings such as frozen pain, fear, anger and powerlessness are stuck. As Wilhem Reich stated, this leads to somatisation and armoring the muscles. By touching the body, traumata can easily be triggered at anytime. Therefore neo-Reichian Bodywork is still up-to-date.

The constellations work of Prof. Franz Ruppert creates a framework for a trans-generational trauma therapy. Traumas and entanglements become visible within an external space, reflected to the client by the representatives. So the client can understand his inner structure.

The approach in my therapeutic work is to use the different methods I have mentioned above to help the client understand his trauma better and reintegrate body and psyche step by step.

Radim Ress, born 1969.
Lives in Prague and works as a therapist individually and in groups,
trained in NLP (Johannes Zeilhoffer), Eye Movement Integration (Woltemade Hartman), Neoreichianian Bodywork (John Hawken), Voice Dialogue (Artho Wittemann),
12 years of practice as a facilitator of constellations, since 2006 following the approach of Prof. Franz Ruppert and organizing his seminars and lectures in Prague as well as translating his books into Czech.

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