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Martina Rückel-SchmidtTrauma Constellations
within the professional context

Human beings are eager to show their talents and abilities. This desire leads them in their private life as well as in their occupational decisions. I see that experiences with trauma have a great influence on career aspirations and the choices people make in their professional life. In many cases the survival ego states decide which kind of job seems interesting, and many people may easily become involved with traumatising business environments, and stay there despite of all the difficulties they face. As a consequence there is a variety of entangled interactions and surviving strategies that make professional life difficult for the person and the professional context.

Clarity about one's healthy, traumatised and survival ego states can lead to  healthy business relationships and more effective solutions for conflicts within business.

During the workshop I will show how trauma constellations work successfully within the business context. I will offer short exercises and constellations work.

Martina Rückel-Schmidt, born 1967, married with 2 children of her own and one child from second marriage.
Diploma in business management, non medical practitioner.
13 years of work in the Human Resources Department of an international IT-Company,
since 2002 ongoing education with Prof. Ruppert,
since 2003 workshops and coaching within companies to improve teamwork and healthy work conditions.

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Workshop-results: Martina Rueckel