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Trauma and birth

Martha ThorsheimOver the centuries the circumstances around the birth process has changed; with enormous consequences for the mother and the babies. When the baby is ready to leave the mother's womb, the mother's body starts to prepare to give birth. This workshop is an attempt to understand which possible effects and traumata it might cause when the natural birth process is interrupted, by nature or by medical intervention. The possible impact of birth trauma across generations will be discussed.

Marta Thorsheim
is a Psychotherapist in private practice in Oslo, Norway, since 1991. After meeting the constellations method as developed by Bert Hellinger in the late nineties, she first copied the method from him and other prominent constellators. Over the years she has combined what she then learned then with her own knowledge as a psychotherapist, her practice in facilitating constellations and her studies with Professor Franz Ruppert.

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