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What's behind desease symptoms?patrizia_manukian

Food intolerance, headache, back pain or serious illnesses – there’s a wealth of  health problems, and it is often difficult to find an effective cure. Sometimes it gets better for a while, but then the symtoms come back, eiter in the same way or slightly changed. So what is it that prevents us to fully recover?
Our body is not just made up of chemistry and physics or cells and organs. It is also regulated by emotions. Our emotional life accounts to a large extent for how our body feels. If we take a closer look at our symptoms, we usually discover emotions behind them which we were not aware of. Symptoms often represent traumatic life experiences which were suppressed from our conscious knowing. However, our body memory still remembers them.
Every desease symptom has an emotional source from which it is nourished. In order to feel better physically and to come in good contact with our body again, it is firstly necessary to get in contact with this emotional source of the symptom.
In my workshop I will facilitate a constallation to discover the root cause
of desease symptoms.

Patrizia Manukian, born in 1967.
non-medical practitioner, kinesiologist, craniosacral therapist,
facilitator for trauma constellations and constellations of the intention,
2001-2002 training in family constellations (Jutta ten Herkel, Silvia Miclavez),
2010-2011 training in multigenerational psycho-traumatology (Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert),
Facilitator of the seminars and lectures held by Franz Ruppert in Italy

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