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Lectures and workshop for allFranz-Ruppert

participants of the conference

During the three day of the conference I will present the key concepts of the multigenerational psycho-traumatology I have developed over the last 15 years.

The first lecture is about the latest central term of my theory: the Symbiotic Trauma and its consequences especially the symbiotic entanglement.

The second lecture will be about the development of the constellations work starting with family constellation and moving on towards trauma constellations, and now the constellation of the intention.

The third lecture focuses on the perpetrator-victim-dynamic that is of great importance in many psychotherapeutic processes and has of course do be understood when working with the constellations method.

In a workshop on Friday afternoon I will demonstrate the latest developments of my work with constellations on the basis of bonding and trauma.

Franz Ruppert, Prof. Dr., born 1957
Professor for Psychology at the University of Applied Sciences/Katholische Stiftungsfachhochschule in Munich.
Psychotherapist, since 1994 engaged with the development of the Multigenerational Psycho-traumatology as a basic theory for his work with constellations.
Founder of trauma constellations and the constellation of the intention.
He offers training and supervision, workshops and seminars worldwide.
Author of five books about his work with constellations translated into English, Dutch, Russian, Czechi, italian, Turkish, Spanish and Norwegian.

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Tel. 0049 (0)89 43651473

Lectures of the Conference

Presentation "The Symbiotic Trauma" (pdf-file)

Presentation "Constellations - theory, method or technique" (pdf-file)

Presentation "Perpetrator-Victim-Split" (pdf-file)