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Heribert Döring-MeijerTrauma-Constellations and working with resources

"Trauma" is manifold and complex in its appearances. We understand Trauma more and more within its systemic background. Trauma is very often not recognised dealing with clients suffering from psychosomatic illnesses and addictions.

Constellations work helps to make unconscious processes visible. If we combine the constellation method with other methods that use imagination, our clients can be supported to access their trauma and to their resources to deal with it.


 Heribert Döring-Meijer
Supervisor (DGSv), Trainer (EAS), Mediator.
Qualified Psychotherapist for children and young people.
Training in Family Therapy and Hypnotherapie (Gunther Schmidt).
Chairman of the Association for Systemic Constellators in Baden Württemberg

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