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Fatigue Syndrome and Symbiotic TraumaDr. Harald Banzhaf

Due to psycho-neuro immunological knowledge chronic stress and its consequences such as chronic fatigue syndrome, burnout and depression, are related to profound physical impairments. These are the so-called multi-system diseases, that include the suffering of the body, the mind and the psyche. Purely symptom-oriented therapeutic measures therefore do not usually have lasting effects, and may even contribute to the illness becoming chronic.

Working with constellations based on bonding and trauma theory allows us more clearly to see the causes of such insidious chronic fatigue,which can then be processed step by step in a multi-modal treatment plan. Patients may then develop in the direction of health and personal autonomy.

Dr. med. Harald Banzhaf
Specialist in general medicine, environmental medicine, natural healing, acupuncture, sports medicine, social medicine, occupational medicine and emergency medicine,
Since 1996 he has run a practice of integrative medicine with a specific focus on Mind/Body-Medicine,
Academic medical-practice, University of Tübingen,
2008 Foundation of the Academy of Mindfulness,
2011 training in constellations work on the basis of bonding and trauma theory with Prof. Ruppert in Munich.

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