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Symbiotic Trauma and Burnout
Children develop a close bond with their mother right from the moment of conception. Given the right environment, children can develop their individuality as they grow and strike the right balance between autonomy and being accepted.
A child’s longing for love, security and recognition does not stop, however, even when the connection to mother is impaired as a result of traumatic events. Once a child is subject to trauma, a survival bias dominates its need for parental love, causing behavioural changes that make the child react differently. These behavioural changes create a dynamic whereby the child orientates itself by the requirements of other people rather than its own self needs. The child loses the balance between autonomy and acceptance, becomes disoriented and exhausted.
In this workshop we will explore the question of how one can succeed in getting out of the hamster's wheel of fruitless efforts to find love and acceptance using the work with constellations on the base of the bonding and trauma theory  developed by Prof. Franz Ruppert.
Gabriele Hoppe
Diploma in business management, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (HPG)
Experiences in human resources management (executive advisory, personnel development, coaching)
and clinical psychosomatics
Education in work with constellations on the base of bonding and trauma theory developed by Prof. Ruppert.

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