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I as a Leader

In my workshop we will explore I as a leader using IOPT.

As a leader, do you understand your own trauma biography and how this could be impacting the way you lead? Are you able to clearly understand the reality of the situation, or is this seen through your own trauma biography lens, acting and responding from the emotional triggers and survival strategies you have?

As a leader, where is your reference point in making decisions? Do you find yourself in a rollercoaster of emotions and fire fights, moving from one crisis to another, engaged in the chaotic drama of life as a leader; constantly in a battle of power, force, fear and aggression to survive and to win at any cost in getting the job done?

The important question is "What is the root cause?" and, importantly, "How can you live as a leader with less stress, more calmness and harmony?" Being able to establish an internal reference with your own I is the key if you want to see the current reality clearly, engage, connect and express the right amount of emotion/ empathy for the present moment.

To be able to delegate and trust in others, and to lead with compassion and respect. Understanding your own I as a leader is what is needed in leadership.


Wayne Carpenter