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Helge Max JahnFirst intention, trauma biography and microtraumatisation

The effectiveness of the Intention Method and the IoPT, identity-oriented psychotrauma theory and therapy, have been confirmed hundreds of times over the past few years. And so the IoPT became most frequently used in my private psychological practice.

"What is an intention? How do I form an intention?" I often hear questions like this from people who are new to the work with the Intention Method and want to start.

In my workshop I show how I then develop a trauma biography from the perspective of the IoPT and so at the beginning of a therapy and also in the course of the therapy I come across life events that seem to have caused 'minor' trauma. And so the term microtraumatisation came into being for me. These are small traumas that have not seemed so important up to now and yet have a constant effect on the overall status of the client. My clients like to say: Now I feel this tension, it appears like a continuous current, etc. We look at something like this in the workshop.


Helge Max Jahns. I studied psychology (Marburg, Berlin, Munich) and the Munich film school. For a long time I worked as a filmmaker in the education sector of large companies and in the information sector for TV, medicine, universities, publishers and NGOs. A breakdown typical for traumatized people around the age of 40 brought me back to psychology, to my further development and to the new possibilities such as family constellations (Schneider, Hellinger, Ulsamer, Varga von Kibed and many others), hypnosystemic work (G. Schmidt), knocking (Gallo and Bohne), EMDR, Somatic Experiencing (Levine), dialogues (Moeller), genogram work etc. I have been able to accompany and learn the development of the IoPT since around 2011 at the side of Franz Ruppert. In the meantime, I've been working with it for a number of years and I'm happy to be able to convey something about it here in the workshop.
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