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Maria Green2020My Healthy Self: Intimate and Vulnerable

We are born vulnerable and seeking intimacy. However, intimacy and vulnerability has, for many clients, resulted in traumatising contact. Yet, these defenceless states of the psyche remain essential for healthy relationships throughout life. The ability to let down my guard and be truly vulnerable is what makes intimate contact possible. Until I can do this, I remain at a “safe" or Survival distance from others and from myself.

How can I as a practitioner hold a space for the fragile, furtive, fleeing child parts of the client? I must be available for safe contact with these defensive parts of their psyche. When I know my own innocence, when I have felt my own desperate vulnerability, I can. In the face of perpetrator parts, I can be a witness, alibi, champion for the wordless traumatised parts. From my healthy self - intimate and vulnerable, I endeavour to mirror and meet the attachment injuries of the client with compassion and understanding.


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Maria Green was born in Cape Town and emigrated to the UK in 1995. In 2012 she attended a Franz Ruppert lecture which led onto 5 years of IoPT Practitioner Training with Vivian Broughton and Franz Ruppert. Maria offers open Group Workshops and Individual Sessions, either online or in West Sussex, as well as an annual IoPT Introductory Course at the Centre for Healthy Autonomy, London. Maria is a second-time presenter at Franz Ruppert's International Trauma Conference, Munich. Maria lives in West Sussex with her husband and their two home-educated children. She works part-time on her teenage daughter’s Regenerative Small Farm Project, raising laying chickens and beef cattle.