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Susanne Baldini2020Traumatized Parents and Babys

A baby already starts absorbing its mother's feelings and moods in the womb, which is when the two start to engage in an emotional exchange. This continues after birth. If its parents are caught up with their own inner traumas and are not sufficiently present, the baby starts to exhibit unusual behavioural responses such as screaming, abdominal pain, sleeplessness and the need to be constantly breastfed.

IoPT helps parents come to terms with their own traumatic experiences, which leads to safer interaction with their baby. The parent-baby relationship and bond is strengthened and becomes more loving and more joyfu..


Susanne Baldini, Parental and adult educator, certified family therapist (IEF), IoPT trauma therapist according to Professor Franz Ruppert since 2012, continuing development courses according to Dr. Aletha Solter, Dr. Thomas Harms and Professor Karl Heinz Brisch, practice in Winterthur with work on an individual and group seminar basis, married with two adult children.