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SisselBru RekstenI and Corona

The “Corona” - Sars-Covid-19 pandemic has a huge effect on people all over the world. Our governments have applied restrictions and control measures, the media publish stories of suffering and a growing number of deaths. Everything and everyone have become dangerous and no one can tell when or if we will return to normal. We are told to trust our leaders and be loyal to their regulations, as this will better our chance of survival. The result is fear, stress, helplessness and feelings of isolation.

From trauma theory we know that external trauma triggers unresolved early trauma in the individual. As a situation triggers old fear the stress rises high. This state of overwhelm blocks our ability to think, undermines our immune functions and the trust in our capability to live and thrive.

The ability to stay in contact with our I, our feelings, thoughts and trust ourselves is now urgently needed. And an interesting question related to the Corona pandemic is: “What trauma in me is triggered? What implicit memory is it I get in contact with?”

As a trauma therapist I see memories from early trauma emerge in processes with the intention
“I and Corona”, and a great release of stress and reduced activation in the client is a result.   It is an opportunity to come back to our own reality and ourselves.

In my workshop I will explore the relationship with Corona – Covid-19 and early trauma. After an introductory talk there will be a possibility for one process of intention.

Sissel Bru Reksten (1957), Psycho trauma therapist IoPT, offers one to one and group therapy, Dig-IoPT and IoPT training. Sissel has her own practice IoPT Stavanger, Norway, since 2017 and is a supervisor for Trauma therapists IoP. She has studied IoPT with Marta Thorsheim at the Institute for Trauma work, Norway, and with Franz Ruppert’s international training. Sissel has a bachelor’s in social work, Cand. Mag. In Organization and Leadership, Master in Change Management.
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