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Sigrid StjernswärdExploratory study of IoPT

The current study’s aim is to explore the value and experiences of Identity oriented psychotrauma therapy (IoPT) in light of the concerned parties’ experiences with the method, i.e. therapists/facilitators, intention makers, resonators and observers.

An explorative, grounded theory approach with a qualitative design, including individual interviews and focus groups with the mentioned parties, are used to collect and analyse data. Further sources, such as literature and field notes from an international training in IoPT are used as additional data sources for a more comprehensive understanding of IoPT. Preliminary results will be presented at the conference.


Sigrid Stjernswärd, Department of Health Sciences, Lund University, Sweden, Associate professor, Senior lecturer, PhD, MSc & Psych. Nursing, RN, Bachelors’ degrees. 
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