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Annemarie Denk

Do I Want to Suffer or Live?

Diseases and body symptoms can take over our entire lives - so much so, that everything revolves around it. Diseases of the back and musculoskeletal system, respiratory diseases, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases are, according to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztlicher Association), the most commonly treated diseases in medical practices in Germany. We hope treatments will improve our suffering and thus also our lives. But often the opposite happens: the disease becomes chronic or changes from one body symptom to another. A psychological connection is often not recognized. On the contrary, when asked about our family life, it is supposedly harmonious. A happy childhood, close family ties, pleasant memories are told. Unhappy experiences and feelings are hidden and positively covered up. Does this attitude strengthen the path to suffering? Are we in denial in order not to feel what it was really like? How we really felt?  Do we subsequently become victimized and therewith perpetrators unto ourselves? Do we thereby protect our early caregivers and hold ourselves in grief? These questions will be dealt with in the workshop in a short lecture with practical examples from practice and in a self-encounter with the Intention Method. We will explore what has hurt us so deeply that we want to suffer more by only surviving than wanting to live.


Annemarie Denk, Dipl. Soz. Päd. (FH), single, couple and family therapist, health pedagogue, medical studies, hypnotherapy. Since 1998 active in medical practices (focus: pain, stress, relaxation, unfulfilled desire for children, psycho-oncology), in the pain therapy of the Paracelsus Clinic Munich and in private practice. 2012 Advanced training in identity-oriented psychotrauma therapy with Franz Ruppert. Co-author of the book "Early Trauma" and the book "My body, my trauma, my I". Seminars and individual work. Since 2017 lecturer at the KSH Munich.
Practice in München. 
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