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Cordula Schulte

Compassion with the Traumatized I

In my therapeutic work, I increasingly accompany people who prenatally, had to experience, that they were basically not wanted, or at least did not meet the expectations of the parents. This means that in one's own life, wanting to be noticed, developing one's own identity means being faced with a 'no' or an unfulfillable claim. Thus, an adaption to the traumatized mother begins in the time of pregnancy. In this process, predominantly, the gaze of the mother and her (trauma) feelings become an integrated part of one's own identity. Therapy then shows that it is almost impossible to differentiate one's own pain from that of the traumatized mother and thus have a compassionate view on one's own trauma. This manifests itself in the present, both in the expression of the psyche and in physical symptoms, relationship dynamics, and many more areas. How can one come into contact and compassion with one's own traumatized self or recognize confusion?

In addition to the theoretical introduction, this workshop will provide an opportunity for a self-encountering process.

Cordula Schulte, born 1952, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy in her own trauma therapeutic practice in Essen. 2009 Continuing education, identity-oriented psychotrauma therapy and theory at Franz Ruppert in Munich, since then regular training, seminars and supervision, conference workshops. Therapeutic work both as individual and group work, supervision, IoPT training, lecturer (DPS), co-author "Early Trauma".
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