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Christina Freund

I – Forever Ashamed and Guilty for Life?

In my practice, I continually, meet people who feel fundamentally guilty: "I'm responsible for everything. I'm to blame for what has been done to me, even though I cannot help it. It is my own fault. “This fundamental guilt is a boundless and therefore merciless impulse: "I must not do anything wrong. I have to be right. I must never be guilty again." Often, this results in a deep yearning for innocence and a lifelong search for a sense of guiltlessness:" If I strive hard enough and do everything right, then ... I just have to be right. "Why is that? Why am I guilty? Why, if I obviously cannot help it? Why, if people always assure me that I'm not to blame? This is based on very early trauma experiences, in which people were disregarded and injured in their natural and healthy feelings of shame - they are deeply ashamed in their existence and identity: "I am exposed, humiliated, exhibited and ridiculed ... I am so full of shame and therefore ashamed of myself. The only thing left for me is to vanish into thin air."

My workshop initially deals with the feeling of shame, a traumatizing shame and the consequent survival mechanism of "guilt". Subsequent work on an intention illustrates these explanations on the basis of an individual case study and seeks a salutary way out of this shame-and-blame dynamic.


Christina Freund, born 1974, 1.Staatsexamen German / History (LA Gymnasium), Diploma social pedagogue with further education on trauma counseling / Trauma pedagogy (Lutz-Ulrich Besser, zptn Lower Saxony) and dream arrangement (Franz Ruppert), since 2009 seminars and individual work in own practice in Munich and since 2012 Lecturer at the KSH Munich. 
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