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Andrea Stoffers

Sexual Glorification of Violence as Trauma Survival Strategy

Glorifying violence in sexuality is a perpetrator attitude that has become a social problem. Nowadays, in Germany, for every freely available pornography on the web, the legalization of prostitution, (and as if that were not enough), sex flat rates are available in brothels, which supports this attitude even more. Sexual violence is legal and normal. The traumatizing effects on children and adolescents are not yet clear, but it is clear that a survival strategy that does not just sanction violence, but even glorifies it, has far-reaching consequences for the victims and the perpetrators. Who am I without violent "sexual permissiveness"? Who am I without acceptance of prostitution and pornography? Prudish? Boring? Stuffy? Not wanted? Not loved? Where are my limits? What do I really want? What did I experience?

A constellation workshop based on the IoPT.

Andrea Stoffers, born in 1963, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy in private practice, teaching therapist VfP, author, event manager, mother, woman, human. For many years in cooperation with Franz Ruppert (Seminars in Neuss, Supervision, Munich Congresses). 
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