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Lui Jia HueyI need to be perfect - the desperate call of an unwanted child!

The truth of being unwanted is unbearable for a child. An unwanted child will do whatever it takes to “feel” accepted, belonged, acknowledged, praised, and etc. Even if the process of attaining the above mentioned may lead to self-destruction. Hence, very often the unconscious pursuit of being perfect, good or nice becomes the ultimate goal to survive. The more one crafts and hones themselves in the pursuit of this ‘perfect’ illusion, the more one distants themselves from their real I. On the outside one may look successful or having a great life but on the inside, there could be a deep void of loneliness and emptiness. This is a real tragedy to the I, extremely suffering and torturous, especially when all the efforts put in is futile to fill up the internal void. This desperate call of an unwanted child must not be taken lightly. Come and explore this topic with me to find back your own true I and Identity.


Lui Jia Huey first begun her journey as a client of IoPT in 2014 and after experiencing life transformational benefits from IoPT she has embarked on her training as a practitioner in 2015. She is now a Leader of the System of the Heart Community to educate and raise awareness on childhood trauma and it resolutions in Asia. She supports her clients through career coaching and IoPT facilitation. She has been running open group sessions twice a month in Singapore since 2017. 
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