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Birgit KretzschmarTrauma within the Professional Context

In this workshop, I explore the question of how traumatization and victim-perpetrator dynamics can manifest themselves in everyday work life. Am I welcome in the team? Do I receive appreciation and recognition? Do I experience competition, devaluation, and ignorance? Does the identity trauma repeat itself, being unwanted and survivor of an abortion attempt in its full scope? As a result, survival strategies such as over-adjustment, increased motivation, and too much responsibility can take over. Other strategies can be withdrawal, occupation of so-called niches in the workplace, inner resignation, and burnout. How can an exit from the perpetrator-victim dynamics succeed, in regard to existence? I will use the IoPT-based approach method to accompany a therapeutic process in this workshop and to show how to gradually achieve a personal exit, step by step, out of the trauma biography.


Birgit Kretzschmar, born 1960, married and mother of three, B.Sc. Health sciences, dance therapist and non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy since 1996, many years working in psychiatry and in private practice, continuing education 2016 in IoPT with Prof. Dr. med. Franz Ruppert, Supervision since 2017 with Vivian Broughton, work with the IoPT in open and closed groups and individual work in Wiesbaden. 
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