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Vivian BroughtonIdentity, intention and I

These are primary concepts in IoPT work, and have a dynamic relationship with each other in our thinking and our practical work, and we, whether consciously or unconsciously, are always functioning within the framework of these three concepts.

The question, Who Am I?, is a profound and life-long exploratory question. As a life intention, to explore and find out who I am, we make ourselves the centre of our life. Who else should be at the centre of our life? If we make others the centre of our life, we are requiring them to answer this question for us, but no one can truly answer this question for anyone else; others who try only add to the attributions we already carry. Only I can make myself the centre of my life, and far from being a selfish and 'self-centred', narcissistic project, this is an entirely healthy and logical idea. What good am I to anyone else if I am not good to myself? How can I be truly available and loving for my children if I am not truly available and loving of myself?

The relationship within ourselves of these three concepts, identity, intention and 'I' are all we need, and we will use the practical process of the Intention Method in this workshop to explore them and their relationship to each other.


Vivian Broughton has been in practice as a psychotherapist for over 30 years, and has been a close student of Professor Ruppert since 2004. She has written three books, two on Ruppert's work, and is in the process of writing another. She lives and works in London, and travels to Istanbul, Singapore, Berlin and The Netherlands to teach and work. She also runs IoPT Supervision/Support groups for IoPT practitioners in London and Utrecht. 
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