Healthy Autonomy

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Marta Thorsheim

Functional object or living subject?

I have always felt a core life force from within wanting to live, love, enjoy and being expressed and another over layered force that suppressed and overlapped it, keeping me in survival mode.

Having pioneered IoPT work in Norway and supported the IoPT pioneers in other countries closely with Franz Ruppert for the last 10 years, and  having found my way as living subject, I am happy to offer you who resonates with the topic to explore your intention with me during this workshop. If time allows, we may reflect on topics within IoPT.

Warmly welcome.


Marta Thorsheim is IoPT Psychotraumatherapist and -trainer, offering IoPT trainings, lectures and processes with the Intentionmethod, nationally and internationally. Before entering the field of psychotherapy I studied and worked within  international business and change management. 
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