Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

Christine Foong WongWho am I as a IOPT Therapist?

I feel this question is very fundamental if you are an IOPT Therapist. Ever since I embarked on running an IOPT practice since 7 years ago, I have met many who are having challenges.

Having Pioneered IOPT works & Training in Asia and working closely with Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert, has taught me the importance of self-integrity, the importance of operating in the healthy part. Until  I came to a point of finding out that I was operating from my survival part 5 years ago.

I found out that I was trying to save my mother when I support my clients during their processes, unconsciously projecting my mother on them. When I was young I felt helpless that I cannot save my mother from her sadness. Eventually I went into a burnout state and did a process on it. Thereafter I was clear that I can now consciously choose to do the works for myself. Doing IOPT works then became a joy.

If you resonate with the below:
1. Having difficulty growing your practice, 2. Feeling burnout from practicing, 3. Feeling helpless and triggers during your clients’ process, 4. Having a lack of clarity of what to do next to grow your practice, 5. Not having the number of clients that you are expecting, 6. or just curious of why you want to become a IOPT Therapist

I welcome you to come and explore your intention with me. I will also share my personal journey running my practice and pioneering the works here in Asia.


Christine Wong, Pioneer of IOPT in Asia, IOPT facilitator and trainer, Pioneer of Dr. Franz Ruppert’s Online workshops and trainings, Technical Organiser for the Munich International Conference 2020.