Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

Franz RuppertWhat do I want: Life or survival?

Psychotrauma makes trauma survival strategies necessary. Therefore, it may be that people, in many areas, from the beginning of their life, function in trauma survival mode. In this respect, reality is not recognized as such; it is perceived, felt and thought of as distorted. As a result, this makes life and cohabitation stressful and dissatisfying. How, then, can we live a good life and exit our trauma biography? In the lecture on Friday I will summarize my findings about the difference between a healthy identity and a life in the modus of identification. In the lecture on Saturday, I will describe the current status of the Intention Method and explain the procedure. On the basis of concrete casework, the Intention Method is practically demonstrated.


Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert, born 1957 is the founder of the Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Theory and Therapy (IoPT) and developer of the Intention Method. He is the 1st Chairman of the Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy Development of People e.V., numerous publications translated into various languages, lectures and seminars worldwide. 
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