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Catherine XavierMy Body, My Home?

When we are traumatized, we lose emotional contact with ourselves. Instead of feeling vitally embodied, the body and psyche appear separated. Our body becomes a 'commodity' that should function in daily life. Maintaining this alienation costs a lot of energy; at the same time, symptoms often become the sole means of expressing our stressed body. Only when we are ready to turn our attention to ourselves can we fully 'inhabit' our bodies again. The psyche and the body can come back into contact, by feeling. The Intention Method gives us the opportunity to encounter ourselves with empathy and sensitivity.  In the workshop, there shall be an opportunity for practical work.

Catherine Xavier
, born 1974, studies in Giessen and Berlin, alternative practitioner, identity-oriented psychotrauma therapy according to Prof. Franz Ruppert in individual and group work & Somatic Experiencing according to Dr. med. Peter Levine. Practice for psychotrauma therapy in Berlin. 
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