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Rebecca SzetoMy money and I

The impact of money problems extends to all areas of your identity. It affects a person's ability to function normally. The way of thinking about money and wealth is often passed down through generations. This is often related to feelings of shame and fear. Money issues are also associated with family problems that may have roots in childhood trauma.

In my workshop, I would like to share with you my experiences working with clients on money issues using IoPT with the concern method.


Rebecca Szeto has been studying with Prof. Franz Ruppert, author and developer of the IoPT, since 2001. She has followed his profound developments for 18 years, participated in evening meetings and the psychotrauma therapy workshops She also took part in the Advance Training for Multigenerational Psychotraumatology in Oslo, Norway 2013.

Rebecca has offered IoPT seminars and talks in Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Tunisia, the Middle East and Brazil. In 2019, Rebecca Presented the IoPT and the concern method at three International Conferences (University of Hong Kong, Tunisia and Brazil).

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