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Carena Cristina CommonI or (still) us?

Traumas that can happen before birth prevent people from developing their own “I” identity. For the "I" formation and development, the adolescent needs the primary caregiver, the mother. If this is not available emotionally and physically, the counterpart for the” I”-development is missing. If the formation of the "I" has not been able to develop, a later healthy boundary from the mother is not possible and it remains with the symbiotically entangled WE - mother and child. The child's unfulfilled need for love, for being perceived and protected, remains an unconscious search, in further life, for love as a dominant elemental force. It prevents a real perception of healthy needs. An exit from this dependency means to start on your own healthy “I”- development. The workshop offers a self-encounter.


Carena Cristina Common; my path to becoming a trauma therapist began with sculpture and body therapy. My studies in psychology, anatomy, hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson, osteopathy, Somatic Experiencing after Peter Levine, annual group and seminars with Michaela Huber, sex therapy with Ulrich Clemens, integration of prenatal and perinatal experiences after Ray Castellino, IoPT with Franz Ruppert, in-depth further education IoPT Trauma work with Vivian Broughton, as well as the viewing, understanding, feeling and continuous healing process by integration of my own, early started dream biography, I have paved the way to this wonderful work. I am deeply grateful for that.

I have been working for many years in my own practice in Berlin; the focus of my trauma therapy is the individual work. In parallel, I accompany groups for young adults and offer IoPT with small groups in day seminars.
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