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Ingrid Perg

How do I Integrate my Trauma-reality?

Through IoPT we gain access to our innermost split off parts of our trauma biography. This will open doors to our trauma experiences. Our reality becomes visible. At the time, when we had to split off our trauma experience we necessarily had to slip into a survival strategy. That's how we have survived.

Due to this conditioning, when these trauma experiences become visible again, there is the riks of activating the same trauma survival strategies. How can we avoid survival strategies and perpetrator-victim dynamics when using IoPT? And how can we still maintain our experienced reality and regulate ourselves with these old and deeply conditioned behaviour patterns?

I am happy to pass on experience from my practice, how we can succeed through mindfulness to get into our own body feelings, gently allowing repressed trauma feelings showing up and coming back to life again.


Ingrid Perg, married and mother of three children, Dipl. life and social consultant, State-approved healing masseur, Dipl. hypnosis practitioner, MBSR – trainer in education, since 2008 working in my own praxis in Lienz. I work holistically in therapy and counselling trough individual and group support in the bonding and trauma-oriented body therapy. Since 2011 further education by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert, 2014 - 2016 further education in somatic experiencing by Peter Levine, 2017 further education by Prof. Dr. K.H. Brisch – bonding psychology, 2018 - 2020 education in Stress management through mindfulness. 
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