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Bettina KroneggerMy Life now as a Mother

How can I, with my trauma biography, be a good mother for my children?  Unfortunately, in crisis situations, we slip into our old survival strategies and those of the parents of the past. With shock, I must now realize something I never wanted, the realization that I am just like them! The symptoms and behaviours of our children remind us - consciously and unconsciously - of ourselves, and our needs in childhood. I fall into the old feeling of powerlessness and despair.  After all, I want to be there for my children. It is therefore important to look attentively on these topics and carefully, go step by step from one intention to the next to eventually exit your own trauma biography.


Bettina Kronegger, born 1970, mother of three daughters, Gordon family and personality trainer, WKO certif. Human energist with BodyTalk, IoPT Intention Method, individual and group, after Prof. Ruppert since 2012, co-author in the book "My body, My trauma, My I" by Franz Ruppert, Dipl. Life and social counsellor, independently since 2008 in own practice in Ohlsdorf near Gmunden, Austria. 
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