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Mette MehusLiving or surviving with ADHD

Many of my young clients have problems at school. They find it hard to be quiet, sit still and concentrate. Sometimes they struggle in relationships. Some are diagnosed with ADHD and use medicine, some are under examination of ADHD. I find it very inspiring when a child can say: «I do not want the medication anymore», during the process of IoPT. They still struggle, but they say they have less physical pain and they have more contact with their own emotions. I will share my experiences from my work with IoPT and children/youths.


Mette Kristine Mehus is working as a trauma therapist and counsellor with IoPT in Norway, she is teaching at the Institute for Trauma Work in Oslo. She also works one day a week as a Public Health Nurse or Primary Nurse, with new-born children and their parents. 
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