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Lily Anne MaierWorking with the IoPT in in-home Childbirth

Birth is a very challenging and a profound moment for mother and child. In order for the birth, the separation of mother and child, to succeed, the woman must trustingly open herself to the birth process. Therefore a protective and supportive environment is needed. The processes in the brain of a woman during childbirth are similar to the processes in the brain at the time of traumatization. It is not uncommon for obstructed labour - and complications to occur with devastating consequences for mother and child, especially when the woman slides into a re-enactment of her own birth or other traumatic experiences. The woman is in a state of trauma or survival strategy, and we as midwives are very likely to become entangled in the emerging perpetrator-victim dynamics. In these crucial moments, I started to work with the IoPT during birth. It is impressive to see how the birth process can change and how the mother and I, as a midwife, can vividly and mindfully experience the birth. How the birth, which at first, no longer seemed possible without renewed violent interventions becomes a non-violent process. I call working with the IoPT "in real time" avoidance of further trauma.

I will talk about my experiences using IoTP in the field of obstetrics and will offer a self-encounter session with regard to pregnacy or birth. 


Lily Anne Maier, born 1977, homebirth midwife and non-medical practitioner since 2003, further education in homeopathy, phytotherapy, fascial therapy, and IoPT. 
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