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Birgit AsselThe upbringing of young people as a consequence of trauma

The prevailing belief worldwide is that “children” have to be brought up because they are born as “deficient beings” and upbringing makes them a full-fledged person. Upbringing turns young people into objects.

Upbringing is always psychological and or physical violence and violence is traumatizing. Upbringing only works with reward and punishment. The aim is to make "children" obedient and adapted "citizens". We are feeling the effect of “upbringing” right now in the “corona crisis”.

Upbringing is a sensitive issue and I have the thesis that Upbringing is a trauma survival strategy because the liveliness and empathy of young people puts many parents in need.

In this workshop I would like to talk to you and learn from you how you experienced your parents' upbringing? And what beliefs do you still hold about young people today?

Birgit Assel, social pedagogue and trauma therapist, co-author in the editorial volume of Franz Ruppert "Early Trauma" and author of the online magazine "Rubikon". Since 1998 I have been working in my own practice and since 2009 I have been providing training, advanced courses and supervision.
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