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Birgit Assel

Identity-oriented Psychotraumatheory and -therapy (IoPT) in One-to-One Sessions

A one-to-one session with a client needs a different setting than a group session does. In this case the IoPT-Method is applied in a different way. The differences in a one-to-one session are necessary because there are no other persons available to interact besides the client and the therapist.
Within a one-to-one session the focus is on bilateral interaction. In order to build up a deep relationship between client and therapist the therapist has to be able to be in a cleared up inner relation with himself (or herself) at first.

Within my workshop I would like to explain and show how the IoPT-Method can be applied in a one-to-one session and how the therapist can create a situation of stability and security for the client to support his/her therapeutic process.

Birgit Assel, social worker, trauma therapist, co-author in the book of Franz Ruppert “Early Trauma”, over 20 years of professional experience, since 12 years the focus is on trauma therapy in cooperation with Franz Ruppert. Birgit Assel established her own training center for basic and advanced education in trauma therapy as well as supervision for experienced therapists.
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