Healthy Autonomy

Association for Promoting Healthy Autonomy e.V.

Beate Neumann-KummMy resonating body - your resonating body in individual work

Based on my experience our body is a valuable resonating body when working with IoPT in individual work. The process starts with formulating the sentence of the intention, writing down the words is followed by the Constellation of the Sentence of the Intention/self-encounter. It is very important to be aware of the signs that the body provides and to realize the hidden meaning. Individuals have their own pace and their own way of finding themselves. The solution is within us and the individual work is an adjuvant method to go one's own way, gradually. In my view, this is of major importance for a healthy and satisfied existence.

In the workshop, I provide an insight into my way of working.


Beate Neumann-Kumm, born in 1962, married, two grown-up daughters, grandmother; since 2004 alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, since 2008 own practice for holistic integrative psychotherapy in Hildesheim/Himmelsthür. 2010 trauma-therapeutic training in the IGTV (Birgit Assel), followed by advanced seminars with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert, Wim Wassink and Margriet Wentink and Vivian Broughton. 
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