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Ingrid Perg

Physically visible Trauma

How do we handle situations where “physically visible trauma” is in the primary focus? When there is obviously no way to suppress it because it is visible every day for war invalids, victims of violence, mutilations, accidents, violence or even scars of surgery? How do people deal with these kinds of problems? In which kind do the victims or patients try to suppress the daily memory their body shows them?

During all the years I have worked with these kinds of topics and experienced that nearly all of the people had a very distinctive perpetrator- / victim-dynamics within themselves. Regarding their perpetrator-structure, they reinjure themselves in the stagnating part of the body repeatedly. This happens unaware but sometimes also very aware. Typical behaviour patterns are: downgrading the pain, ignoring the obvious symptoms, making fun of the pain and bragging with the fact how much agony they can withstand.

On the other hand, the victim-type structured people try to find something positive about it. There focus is to inhabit the symptoms or their wounds as an advantage and normally I can witness that these people sacrifice a large portion of their live to their derogations.
Sometimes they use their situations by stepping into premature pension, or being nursed by their children. With this type of behaviour, they try to live out their symbiotic needs of their childhood.

The first therapeutic approach concerning this topic has to be in a supporting way, so the individual is able to grow awareness of their trauma. In the actual therapy, the focus must be to enable the clients to find their own open-minded experience, to integrate all the divided parts and finally to give them resources to get out of their own trauma-biography. Another purpose is to get them to the point where they can perceive their own physically visible trauma, to understand and move the emotional processes, which are associated. The final goal is to find a way to build a healthy relationship to yourself.


Ingrid Perg, born in 1965 in Lienz, married and mother of three, Dipl. Life and social consultant, state-approved healing masseur, Dipl. hypnosis practitioner, since 2008 working in my own praxis in Lienz, since 2011 further education by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert
2014 – 2016 further education in somatic experiencing by Peter Levine,2017 further education by Prof. Dr. K.H. Brisch – bonding psychology. 
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