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Astrid Ersland SandvikThe great joy of finding my ”I”

Many of my clients are feeling lonely, not belonging, not good enough even if they have work, family, and friends. Could early trauma have such consequences? Not knowing who they really are, not knowing what they want, and having bodies sabotaging the owners? Giving them autoimmune problems, inflammations, the need to calm down with alcohol or drugs etc. Some goes into relationships in order to get away from the pain of being alone, no matter if the partner is an alcoholic, much traumatized etc.

I want to have a short talk about what we get into when the healthy ”I” and healthy ”will” is split off from early age. And give some “golden” insights from clients in their search for themselves. IoPT theory explains what happens to us when we make early traumatizing experiences. IoPT therapy gives a way to reclaim ourselves, including body, psyche and trauma biography.

There is time for one constellation, with a topic connected to health problems or problems in relationships.

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Astrid Ersland Sandvik, psychotraumatherapist, studies with Marta Thorsheim since 2003. She studied in prof. Ruppert´s Advanced International trainings since 20I3. Started practise in 2009, groups and individual setting. She is a supervisor for Traumatherapists IoPT.

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