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Christina SchönHigh Blood Pressure – extreme pressure starting from the earliest time of life

Already pre-birth the child has to adopt the trauma feelings of his mother to be able to get into contact with her. Usually the mother also traumatizes the child if she does not deal with her traumas. So both, the adopted as well as the experienced traumas have an impact on the child's body. The own mourning, powerlessness, anger, shame, fear of death are split off to survive. From the start, the body and the cells store all sensations and feelings. Therefore, from the very beginning of life an extreme pressure has evolved, an enormous continuous tension, which may for example result in high blood pressure in the middle of lifetime. In my workshop, I want to discuss this topic based on my own experiences as well as examples of my clients. There will be the opportunity of an IoPT-constellation on the issue of „High Blood Pressure“.


Christina Schön, born 1954, own practice for body-oriented psychotherapy since 2001 in Essenheim/Germany, Gestalt-therapy FPI, Natural Health Professional, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, many years of experience as a practicioner in a psychiatric clinic, „Geburtsarbeit“ with K.Käppeli, R. Bücher, Claire Dolby, since 2009 constellations based on Franz Ruppert, 2016 training with Franz Ruppert in Munich. 
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