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Beate ThiessenPsychotrauma and Colon Disease

My biography is a based on a factual personal trauma experience in my early twenty's. I was diagnosed with an ulcerated colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. The beginning of pain and suffering with many trips to doctors, specialist and hospitalization. The treatment and medication to cure my illness was only fighting the symptoms the conventional way not knowing the cause.

The underlining Root-Cause was unknown to me, only after researching I discovered the Trauma-Theories and Therapy work by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert that helped me to understand by identifying the psychological aspect and the emotional impact effecting the body and mind. The psychotherapy had a very positive impact to a healthier life.
The ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease of the colon. It is called a "hereditary disease" and usually attacks the colon, causing ulcer, the inner mucous of the colon as the large intestine. This inflammation of the intestinal mucosa begins at the rectum, continuously at various degrees within the colon. The most common symptoms are discomfort bloody diarrhoea, often abdominal pain in the left lower abdomen, constant stool urgency, fever and physical weakness. The diagnostic will have a traumatic effect on anyone, in some cases severe anxiety and stress. Although stress is not causing the disease, but it can add to depression and nervousness.

A change in perception of how to deal with that type of mental discomfort and strategies is the key focus of Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert by eliminating all the negatives associated with the illness. The therapy based on his insights has given me the power and restored myself esteem to cope with the issue psychological. That made it clear to me that the physical illness that started in the womb. That eliminated some of my concerns; my mindset was positive and had an immediate effect, that calmed me down.

This workshop is designed especially for participants with bowl disease.


Beate Thiessen, non-medical practitioner in psychotherapy, training in Identity oriented Psychotraumatheory and therapie (IoPT) according to Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert with Birgit Assel. 
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